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Spider woman catches most on web in 2020

Spider Woman
A spider story was the most read article on Bundaberg Now in 2020.

In a year dominated by coronavirus, it's notable that Bundaberg Now readers elevated quirky yarns among our most-read stories of 2020.

Top among them was Spider Woman identifies redback pretender by Ashley Clark on 14 April during lockdown.

Spider Woman
The real “spider woman”, UQ researcher Sam Nixon. Photo: Twitter

Photos of an apparently massive redback spider were sent to the University of Queensland's “Spider woman“, researcher Samantha Nixon, who identified the creature as an Australian garden orbweaver (Eriophora transmarina) using its camouflage ability to disguise itself as a redback.

The story was viewed 31,678 times.

Another animal yarn claimed second position when a crocodile was reportedly sighted in the Burnett River at Sandy Hook.

We can also reveal that Bundaberg Now achieved more than two million page views in 2020 compared with 1,102,719 in 2019.

Our most-read story in 2019 was Alliance Airlines trials $99 fares from Bundaberg, with 7050 views.

Top 10 stories of 2020

  1. Spider Woman identifies redback pretender
  2. Crocodile sighting in Burnett River under investigation
  3. CQU: Year 12s, this is still your year, here’s why
  4. Qld Health confirms first Bundaberg COVID-19 case
  5. Drive-in movies return to Bundaberg
  6. Coronavirus update: pools, facilities, services to close
  7. COVID-19 (Coronavirus) closes public gatherings
  8. String of bright lights fly across local sky
  9. Merry and Bright to dazzle Botanic Gardens
  10. Bundaberg chosen for $300m hydrogen hub

Best wishes to all our readers for a happy and prosperous 2021.

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