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Jade kicks off 2021 with Bundaberg gig

Jade Holland Country singer
Jade Holland will kick off her 2021 touring schedule with her concert at Sugarland Tavern on January 14.

Rising pop country music star Jade Holland reckons the Sugarland Tavern is the perfect place to kick off her 2021 touring schedule.

Jade’s tour to promote her new single ‘Do It Right’ brings her to the Sugarland Tavern stage on Thursday night, January 14, and the gifted performer is excited at starting the year on familiar territory.

“Sugarland Tavern is one of my favourite venues,” she said. “I love the team there and the people who come along to watch the shows are always really sweet.

“It’s definitely a nice way to kick off this year’s touring.”

The singer/songwriter has enjoyed a well-earned holiday during her tour break after hitting the road last year and was employing a different set of skills, baking at her parents’ Maryborough residence, when Bundaberg Now called.

“I do like to cook when I get a chance and I’d like to say that I also like to get in the garden but there hasn’t been much time for that and it’s not looking its best,” she laughed.

“But I’ve enjoyed the first holidays I’ve had in about six years and Bundaberg will be my first show back.”

The short break is good news for Bundaberg fans who will find a refreshed Jade ready to put on a memorable show.

Jade was disappointed the original date for the Sugarland Tavern gig was cancelled last month but promised an entertaining show next week would make the wait worth it for her fans.

“I’m very talkative and I like to find out from everyone who they are and how their night is going,” she said.

“I perform my own music, but I also throw in a few covers of my favourite songs in my own style.

“I don’t have any words to describe that style so I call it ‘Jade-style’ and I like to put on a show that I’d like to see if I was there in the crowd that night.”

Jade said it was no great stretch of her imagination to put herself in the place of punters attending her gig, remaining very much a fan of her music heroes.

“One of my favourite artists of all time is Kasey Chambers and I’m still gob-smacked every time I meet her,” she said.

“I go ‘Oh my God, it’s Kasey Chambers’ but I think we’re all like that – we grow up with our idols whether they’re in music, sport, film or history, wherever, and we will always look up to those people.”

Jade, who now lives with her parents after “accidentally getting locked up with them during (COVID-19) lockdown” when visiting while searching for her own property to buy, said she was thrilled to return to touring even if she cannot take her talents outside Queensland.

“Losing my income and my shows to play last year was a real gamechanger,” Jade said.

“I was just sitting around not sure what to do with myself, like a lot of people who would have found themselves sitting in the same boat.

“But you find your feet again and I spent a lot of time song writing and catching up with friends on Zoom.”

Jade said she was excited by the positive public response to her latest single ‘Do It Right’ which follows the success of her second album ‘Dream Wild’ and her previous single ‘Drive Thru’, both released last year, with the latter being streamed more than one million times.

She said she was excited at the prospect of recording another album soon but, for the time being, would concentrate her energies on entertaining her fans for the remainder of her Queensland regional tour.

Jade’s Sugarland Tavern concert is a free, non-ticketed event, starting at 9pm.