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Full steam a-hedge at Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens Steam Train Hedge
The Mock Orange hedge at the Bundaberg Botanic Gardens has been shaped into a train.

The creative crew at the Bundaberg Botanic Gardens have shaped a Mock Orange (Murraya panicualata) hedge into a steam train.

Five years ago, the team came up with the idea to replicate the steam train in the hedge.

Botanic Gardens and Horticulture Area Supervisor Cody Johnson said the inspiration came from the Australian Sugar Cane Railway train which is often stationed beside the hedge.  

“The crew had been hedging these Mock Oranges in a fairly uniform box shape, similar to what the carriages in this hedge look now,” he said.

“Two gardens staff suggested to design the loco due to the proximity to the ASCR train station.”

With extensive planning and regular maintenance the team have managed to keep their creative idea on track.

The clever use of zippy ties and the ability to stick to a rigid maintenance routine were keys.

“The front two box hedges were left to grow in height and also allowed to merge to form one block,” Cody said.

“After this some clever zippy tie use was utilised to assist in creating the effect of the train stack.”

Botanic Gardens Steam Train Hedge
The hedge has become quite the talking point at the Bundaberg Botanic Gardens.

“Once this was achieved our regular maintenance keeps the form preserved.”

It took about six months for the hedge to grow, merge and be able to create the steam train.

“It’s been a hit ever since,” Cody said.

The best way to view the hedge is via the steam train itsel.! Check out the steam train schedule here.

Looking for a hedge for your garden?

The Murraya paniculata, better known as the Mock Orange is tall-growing hedge with a beautiful scented white flower native to Far North Queensland.

It is a fast growing hedge and requires regular trimming.

The team at the Bundaberg Botanic Gardens recommend choosing a sterile variant to reduce the chance of it becoming an environmental weed.

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