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Family gym features kids classes, Clubbercise and more

Raw gym
Sarah Cross, Josh Quinn, Tataina Quinn and Rachel Mollenhagen at the Raw Awakening gym.

A 24/7 gym is offering cheap classes and services for the whole Bundaberg community, giving families the opportunity to work on their fitness goals together.

Raw Awakening Inc was established in February last year and will soon be extending their facility on Mclean Street to Quay Street to offer even more activities in the region.

Owner Tataina Quinn said Raw Awakening had a jam-packed timetable for every person, of every ability and of any age to take part in.

“We focus on health and fitness that involves everybody. No one is excluded here,” she said.

“We have a 24 hour gym, boxing, fitness and we are now extending to a 1200 square metre facility with another 400 square metres outside.”

Tataina said Raw Awakening was first established to fill the gaps in the family fitness market in Bundaberg.

“Our gym features a kids zone which is completely safe and gives kids somewhere to stay while you train,” she said.

“It has Netflix, books, air conditioning and everything else to keep them entertained.

“We also offer kids fitness classes throughout the week so they can keep active as well.”

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Family gym offers Clubbercise

Tataina said another exciting element that was about to hit the facility was a world-renowned event called Clubbercise.

“We are super excited about Clubbercise. It is a three-hour event that runs from 7pm to 10pm for ages 13 years and up,” she said.

“It is all about having what feels like a night out but you are actually doing exercise.

“The non-alcoholic event includes laser lights, dj's and lots of healthy fun.”

Tataina said tickets for Clubbercise were available at Raw Awakening or could be purchased on the night with the event to be held at the new Quay Street facility on Friday, 12 February.

“It is $10 a person with that money to be used to support programs to help people int he community through RAW,” she said.

To find out more about what Raw Awakening offers check out the services here.

Membership at the family gym for adults costs $10 while specialised classes are $5 and under with no membership required.

Raw gym
Tataina and Josh Quinn at the Raw Awakening gym.

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