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Paul’s plants popular with frog friends

Paul McCarthy In our Garden
Paul McCarthy in his garden featuring a Caladium Bicolour.

Once a landscaper by trade, Paul McCarthy knows exactly how to entice frogs into his garden oasis.

In our Garden Bundaberg resident said his outdoor area was a haven for green amphibians and was created by emulating his own lifestyle.

“I like my gardens to reflect the environment I live in,” Paul said.

“Designing this garden layout only took a few weeks but plant selection started long before the house commenced construction and has grown since.

“One of the best features is how the green frogs have moved in and made themselves at home.”

Paul McCarthy's frog hotel.
Paul McCarthy In our Garden
A flaming torch (Billbergia pyramidalis) features in Paul's garden.

Paul said establishing the garden was no easy feat with the ground being as hard as concrete, but with the help of a friend, the gardens began to take shape.

“I am fortunate to have a friend who has horses, so I have access to bulk quantities of aged manure for which I have established these beds on,” Paul said.

“Having access to the mulch from the dump has been a very cost-effective way to keep the organic matter topped up at all times as well.”

When it came to choosing what plants to feature outdoors, Paul said a garden of practicality was his preference.

“I like my gardens to provide constant colour, so I am not relying on flowers to add colour,” he said.

“All my plant selections were based on sub-tropical, practicality and foliage colour.”

Watching the gardens develop into an array of colour was a highlight for Paul.

“It’s been amazing to watch the plants establish, the colours and shapes continue to change,” Paul said.

Frogs gather in Paul's garden. Photo: Paul McCarthy

“Looking back over old photos from when I started really helps to appreciate just how much has changed.

Paul said what he loved most about gardening was being able to share his knowledge and plants with a passionate community.

“Pretty much all my plants have come from backyard growers and quite a few cuttings from friends as well,” Paul said.

“Any plants I remove don’t go to waste either, I will either pot them up to add to my greenhouse for when I have plant sales or do giveaways.”

Paul McCarthy In our Garden
Frangipanis in Paul's garden.