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Ruth's upcycled garden a place of joy

Ruth Newby in her beautiful garden.

Bundaberg couple Ruth and David Newby have combined their passion for upcycling with their love of gardening, adding statement recycled pieces to their outdoor haven. 

The green thumbs moved into their home in 2003 and began to make many changes to the original garden, especially over the past five years.

In our Garden

“We’ve planted gardens in all of our homes, but this is by far the most extensive,” Ruth said.

“We also enjoy adding quirky touches, found objects, timber, rocks and old furniture and pottery.

“David has done every bit of the hard landscaping, including building the rock walls and laying paths.”

Ruth said her love for gardening stemmed from growing African violets at just eight years old.

Now, a beautiful garden flourishes with the help of her husband David, thanks to their constant love and dedication.

“Being in my garden is so calming and joyful. There are no KPIs or performance targets,” Ruth said.

“I see changes every day as plants grow and flower or fruit. It’s never work but always play!”

The pair allow each other to garden in different spaces because of their contrasting gardening styles.

David is the planner and designer, creating a beautiful, tidy garden, while Ruth said she liked more of a cottage garden style that was constantly evolving.

“David uses CAD (Computer Aided Design) to commit his designs to online diagrams,” she said.

Roses featured in David Newby's white garden.

“For me, I buy plants that I like and dig holes in the grass to plant them.”

Ruth said using social media was a great form of documentation as the garden grew over time.

“I have an Instagram account for my garden purely to share the enjoyment that it gives me,” she said.

“It does also help me to observe the changes over time that you don’t see unless you have records.

“Unfortunately, it reminds me of all the plants I’ve killed, may they rest in peace!”


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