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Bundy’s ‘going for gold’ in Queensland 2032 Olympic bid

Queensland 2032 Olympic bid
Wide Bay Swimming president Michele Watson and Mayor Jack Dempsey believe the region has a role to play if Queensland's 2032 Olympic bid is successful.

Excitement is building for a Queensland 2032 Olympic Games and the possibilities it could present for the region as Mayor Jack Dempsey says “Bundaberg’s going for gold”.

He said Bundaberg was perfectly situated to support the Queensland Olympic bid.

“We’ve started over 18 months ago with Graham Quirk to identify options and investment to look into Olympic infrastructure, particularly in the training side of it,” Mayor Dempsey said.

The region’s waterways were key for sports like sailing and rowing, according to the Mayor, along with the development of the proposed regional aquatic facility.

Should Queensland’s 2032 Olympic hopes come to fruition, he believes the region has a role to play.

“Training groups from around the world can come to a safe and welcoming community and enjoy our beautiful sunshine.

“[We’ve been] looking at how we can assist our South East Councils to be able to facilitate the large number of people that will be coming to Queensland to train over the forward years.

“I’m more than confident that we have the ears of the main stakeholders to identify the options that are available here in Bundaberg.

“Being so close to the South East … it certainly ticks all the boxes.

“We know that we are already well planned to upgrade our aquatic facilities.”

Wide Bay Swimming president Michele Watson agreed, and said an upgraded aquatic facility would prove beneficial to the sport on a regional level.

“We look after around 50 swimming clubs from Bribie Island up to Bundaberg and out to Kingaroy,” Michele said.

“I bet every one of those kids heard that news yesterday and thought ‘I’m going to be in the Olympics’ and that’s what’s really important for regional towns.

“To have a regional opportunity to train outside of Brisbane is really important.

“To have a facility to train of Olympic standard in Bundaberg … we’re talking so many people who could access that.

“You think of ’56 Olympics you think of Melbourne, you think of ’32 Olympics and it’s Bundaberg.

“It’s just one of those iconic things that will stay in history forever.”



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