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Council reaffirms coal mine opposition

Moore Park Beach coal mine opposition
Bundaberg Regional Council has advocated against proposed coal mining activities taking place in environmentally significant and high value agricultural areas including areas around Sharon, Welcome Creek, Moore Park Beach, Meadowvale, Moorland and Avondale.

Bundaberg Regional Council remains in staunch opposition to coal mining on agricultural land in recognition of the region’s continued status as one of the nation’s leading food bowls.

It follows the recent Queensland Supreme Court ruling to overturn the Queensland Minister of Resources’ decision not to grant a Mineral Development License Application (MDL3040) to Fox Resources.

Council first advocated against the proposal in 2020 when it became clear the proposed coal mining activity had the potential to impact environmentally sensitive, high-value agricultural areas.

The company’s tenements included agricultural areas around Sharon, Welcome Creek, Moore Park Beach, Meadowvale, Moorland and Avondale.

A notice of motion put forward by Division One Councillor Jason Bartels was carried unanimously.

In October this year Mayor Dempsey reaffirmed Council’s coal mine opposition in response to the court’s decision.

“I have written to the Minister restating the Council’s position,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“The motion adopted by Bundaberg Regional Council on 29 April 2020, with unanimous support, was that ‘Bundaberg Regional Council advocate to oppose Mineral Development Licence Application MDLA 3040 and any potential coal mining activity in parts of the Bundaberg Region that have high-value agriculture or tourism and environmental sensitivity’.

“Council will continue to advocate and support the State’s position of prohibiting this application.”

Public interest forum

A State Government Mineral Development Licence (MDL) 3040 Community Public Interest Forum will be held this week.

Its purpose is to bring together industry stakeholders and interested community members to engage with the Minister and the Department in response to their belief that the MDL 3040 is not in the public interest.

When: Sunday 3 December 2023 from 11 am – 1 pm
Where: Moore Park Beach Community Hall, Club Avenue Moore Park Beach
(Parking is available onsite and along the streets)

Interested attendees must register online here.



  1. Next time there is a meeting can we please make it a whole of Bundaberg event held in town rather than just a local event so that everyone in Bundaberg feels included. The only way we are going to put an end to Fox Resources grab for our land, water, health and lifestyle is if the whole or at least the majority of Bundaberg residents make it known that we do not want anyone mining our food bowl.
    A showing of only 200 residents does nothing for our cause when Fox are posting on their website that in a survey in November 69% of 500 residents surveyed supported the approval of a coal mine in Bundaberg. You can be sure that they will be trotting that one out every chance that they get.
    Regular community updates would also be very much appreciated. Alan, I know you are putting in so much work to stop these greedy so and so’s, maybe there is someone out there you could trust to spread the word about where things are up to and how individuals can get involved to ensure our way of life is protected.

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