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Passion for reef inspires crochet art exhibition

Some of Hadie MacLeod's pieces in her upcoming CHARTS exhibition titled Reef Gems and Coral Roses.

Inspired by the colours and shapes of the reef, Childers artist Hadie MacLeod will showcase the beauty of the ocean in crochet form in her upcoming exhibition.

Reef Gems and Coral Roses is a collection of works inspired by Hadie's experiences snorkelling in some of the amazing local and far-flung coral reefs.

From Bargara to Lady Elliott and Lady Musgrave Islands, to Heron Island and Indonesia’s Krakatoa, Hadie said her work reflected the beauty of the reef in wearable crochet art with meaning.

“The exhibition features rings, ear hangings, necklaces, bangles and brooches,” she said.

“There will also be a ‘jellynet' where jelly fish and other sea creatures are caught up in some of the mountains of plastic and nets that are threatening sea life.”

Crochet art takes on ocean life

Hadie said her interest in crocheting started as a desire to create light-weight jewellery for herself after open heart surgery.

She said she also drew inspiration from the Crochet Coral Reef Project, a collaboration of mathematics, biology, and fibre arts.

Art crochet
Ear hangings by Hadie MacLeod.

“I have been focused on this type of art for about six years, but more intensely in the last two years,” Hadie said.

“Some pieces take a few hours, others are worked on over a number of weeks.

“I sometimes pull it all out and try many times to get a piece right and other things fall into place quickly.”

Hadie said what she loved most about working on crochet art was its durability.

“I like that I can give a friend a piece of something I've made and a few years later see them wearing it still,” she said.

“I also like to bring our attention to our polluting ways so we can make contributions preventing it because I really love the reef and its creatures.”

Reef Gems and Coral Roses will open on Saturday, 13 March from 1pm at Childers Art Space, 72 Churchill Street.

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