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Wet weather didn’t stop 4WD Easter weekend fun

4WD Easter weekend
Brad Newth tackling the slippery track.

The Easter weekend was a perfect time to get out and explore.

Members of the Bundaberg 4WD Club and our sister club, the Ipswich 4WD Club, took the opportunity to meet up at the Kenilworth Showgrounds.

The showgrounds are a perfect base with all the amenities needed, close to town, to make for a relaxing weekend.

The group set out to explore the area, with trips being changed from original plans due to the rain.

We travelled around tracks in the Kenilworth State Forest, calling in at Borumba Dam, which supplies water for drinking and the Mary Valley irrigation scheme.

Out on the tracks Lantana has taken over, making them impenetrable.

Lantana is a large flowering shrub native to Central and South America and was brought to Australia as an ornamental garden plant in about 1841.

The weed quickly spread and within 20 years was established in the wild.

The plant was first declared noxious around 1920.

It is regarded as one of the worst weeds in Australia because of its invasiveness, potential for spread, and economic and environmental impacts. 

Bundaberg 4WD Easter
EASTER WEEKEND: The campsite at Kenilworth.

Lantana forms dense, impenetrable thickets that take over native bush land and pastures.

It also leaves numerous “memories” (scratches) on vehicle paintwork when contact is made, something that comes with the recreation we participate in.

Trips to the tourist spots of Maleny and Montville to visit the shops was a popular way to make the most of the damp conditions.

Rain didn’t stop some of the group head out on foot to explore spots like the Fig Tree Circuit Walk, which meanders its way through a lush rainforest filled with Moreton Bay Figs, Piccabeen Palms, Flooded Gums and White Cedar Trees.

A visit to Kenilworth is not complete without spending up at the Kenilworth Bakery, where six of our members attempted the 1-kilogram Donut challenge.

Bundaberg 4WD Easter weekend
Jan Van Wyk with that was left of the 1kg donut.

Jan Van Wyk was the only member that finished his, in a time of 31 minutes.

For his efforts he gets his name on a plaque and his money back.

After the challenge a well earned rest at camp went down, nearly as good as the donut.

Even though the rain persisted throughout the weekend, a bad day camping is still better than a good day at work.

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Brad Praed
Bundaberg Four Wheel Drive Club

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