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From trauma to triumph: Bones of Women screens soon

Bones of Women local
LOCAL SCREENING: Sarah Tump is excited for Bones of Women to be re-released on 8 May at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre.

Exploring the journey from trauma to triumph, local screenwriter Sarah Tump has produced her first documentary, Bones of Women.

The film, which will be showcased at the Moncrieff this month, has been developed through the raw storytelling of the lives of two survivors, who were complete strangers but bonded over the shifting of their mindsets from victims to survivors.

Ms Tump hopes that this unique production will inspire many others to overcome their personal challenges, with the story being told from behind closed doors.

“I hope that this documentary allows people to realise it doesn’t matter what age you are, you can still change your mindset to be a survivor and not a victim anymore,” Ms Tump said.

“The most fascinating part of producing the documentary was putting two strangers in a room and watching their journey to realising how much the trauma has impacted their lives growing up.”

Filmed by local company Associate Media at Oodies Café, the live audience in attendance during filming did not see the women until the end of the filming, allowing them to have an unbiased view on the different situations.

The production started in February 2019, and the editing of the film was completed by December 2019.

The documentary was due to be launched in March 2020, although due to COVID will be re-released on Saturday 8 May.

Tickets for the screening on the 8 May at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre can be purchased here.

A trailer is available for viewing here.