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Homeowners urged to check electrical safety

Electrical Safety
As part of a state-wide roadshow, MEA will be holding an industry briefing session tomorrow evening in Bundaberg regarding electrical safety.

Homeowners in the region are being urged to check their electrical safety as Master Electricians Australia visits Bundaberg as part of a national industry roadshow.

In the region today, Master Electricians Australia CEO Malcolm Richards said there were a number of steps home owners could take to prevent electrical accidents.

“We’ve had a terrible summer in which we’ve seen a number of homes and lives lost in fires or electrical accidents – most recently due to fallen power lines in a cyclone,” Mr Richards said.

“We’ve also seen tragedies arising from faulty electrical equipment or appliances that were not being used the right way.

“Incidents like these can often be avoided if home owners take basic precautions, and while I’m here in Bundaberg I’m urging people to stop and think about their electrical safety.”

Simple, practical safety steps for home owners include:

  • Pressing the Test button on your safety switches every three months to ensure they trip off when needed
  • Ensuring you have a safety switch on every circuit in your home
  • Only using power tools and appliances for their intended purpose, and not using indoor appliances outside in the weather
  • Repairing or discarding any appliances that have visible signs of damage, including damage to insulation around power leads
  • Avoiding any DIY electrical work
  • Having your solar panels checked every few years to ensure they are working safely
  • And staying away from fallen power lines

While he is in Bundaberg, Mr Richards will meet with electrical contractors to discuss trends and concerns within the industry, and proposed changes to safety regulations covering roof-top solar systems.

“We know we work with a product that can result in severe damage, injury or even death if it’s not used safely.

“As electrical contractors, we are constantly working to improve safety, and with these few tips we know that home owners can help us in that fight.”

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