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Junior Advisory Group’s first meeting success

Junior Advisory Group
Burnett Mary Regional Group's Junior Advisory Group members Amelie Espinoza, Ella Perry, Tori Bowden, Danielle Roberts and Bella Kerr.

Five young women have been selected to establish environmental initiatives in the Bundaberg Region as part of the first Junior Advisory Group.

Amelie Espinoza, Ella Perry, Tori Bowden, Danielle Roberts and Bella Kerr all have a passion for the environment, and they hope their role on the junior board will provide an opportunity to develop sustainable practices and healthy ecosystems within the region.

The group’s first meeting was a great success with the young members sharing ideas and discussing plans for activities that members will be able to participate in.

St Luke’s Anglican School student Danielle Robert, 15, said she joined the Junior Advisory Board because she wanted to connect with other like-minded peers.

“The Junior Advisory Group is planning many exciting things in the future, and it would be a great opportunity for anyone interested to become involved with events in our region,” Danielle said.

“It's important to be a part of the BMRG Junior Advisory Group because it will give students the chance to be a part of something amazing.”

While, Gin Gin State High School student Ella Perry, 15, said she was passionate about the environment and she hoped joining the group would enhance her opportunities to benefit the environment.

I believe it is important to be a part of the BMRG Junior Advisory Group because it gives passionate youth an opportunity to voice their environmental concerns and issues that are present in their local areas and regions and be a part of a community that prides themselves on positive environmental changes and actions,” she said.

The year 10 student said she was looking forward to engaging with the community helping to provide education about environmental issues.

“The first meeting was really enjoyable. It was great to meet everyone, and I am really impressed with some of the things we discussed and begun to plan for,” Ella said.

A chance to help make change

Junior Advisory Group Chairperson Tori Bowden, 15, said the Burnett Mary Regional Group Junior Advisory Group allows the youth of the region to make a change on the environmental issues in which they are passionate about.

“I believe that the youth are a crucial part of our future and allowing them to get involved in natural resource initiatives in the region will ensure long term sustainability and protection of our environment,” Tori said.

“Having the opportunity to lead this initiative and encourage the youth in the generation to make a difference in their communities gives me great pride.

“It gives the youth a voice and the ability to assist in the improvement of the region for future generations.”

Tori said she was looking forward to watching the passionate and powerful youth standing together, all with different perspectives, working as a team to achieve a common goal.

Burnett Mary Regional Group CEO Shelia Charlesworth said the newly established group consisted of a team of passionate young women.

“We are thrilled to have found five exceptional young women to drive the Junior Advisory Group forward,” she said.

“This group is extremely important for improving sustainable practices and building the capacity of youth to assist farmers, industry groups and community groups to enhance our beautiful region.”

JAG is a free membership group open to youth aged between 13 to 17 that are interested in agriculture or the environment. To find out more information click here. To become a member or learn more click here.

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