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Unique opportunity to learn about region’s rare fruit

Raymond Johnson of Rare Fruits Australia established the orchard in Bundaberg Botanic Gardens in 2010.

Residents cant take part in a guided tour of the Rare Fruit Tree Orchard at the Bundaberg Botanic Gardens as part of the Taste Bundaberg Festival this year.

Home to a diverse range of fruits which are unlikely to be seen on grocery store shelves, visitors are invited to take a tour and learn first-hand about how the rare fruits are grown.

The informative tours will be run by Ray Johnson of Rare Fruits Australia, with three sessions running at 10am, 11.30am and 1pm on Monday 14 June.

Ray encouraged the community to visit the Botanic Gardens and take part in the tour to learn about the unique fruits.

“These tours provide the opportunity for people to learn all about the rare fruits, with most people only exposed to the common fruit as seen in the supermarket,” Ray said.

“The tour will provide information about the orchard as well as commentary about the fruit trees and soil.”

The orchard, which sits next to the Hinkler Hall of Aviation, is home to some of the most diverse rare fruit trees in Australia.

The list of trees includes Carambola, Star Apple, Cherry of Rio Grande, Miracle Fruit, Wampee, Kwaimuk, Jaboticaba, Giant Lau Lau, Grumichama, Soursop, Black
Sapote, Pitomba, and Rick's Red Fingerlime.

Ray said that the orchard was located at the Botanic Gardens thanks to local people who had taken the time to plant a collection.

“We are lucky to have had collectors take it upon themselves to plant a collection here in Bundaberg,” Ray said.

“These orchards can’t be found when they are not commonly planted, or not favoured by the local people.”

While it can’t be guaranteed there will be fruit on the trees, the orchard is open to the public to see and taste the fruits during different seasons throughout the whole year.

The Rare Fruit Tree Orchard has been located at the Botanic Gardens for more than 10 years.

With limited spaces remaining, get in quick and register for the event via email.

To find out more about what is on offer during the Taste Bundaberg Festival, you can visit the website.

The Bundaberg Botanic Gardens is located on the corner of Mount Perry Road and Young Street, Bundaberg North and is open seven days a week.

Event details:
What: Rare Fruit Tree Orchard Tour
When: 14 June 2021
Where: Bundaberg Botanic Gardens Rare Fruit Tree Orchard
Time: 10 am, 11:30 am and 1 pm
Cost: Free