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St Andrew’s church undergoes restoration works

Work is currently underway at St. Andrew's SDA Church.

Work is currently underway at St Andrew's Seventh Day Adventist Church to return the Bundaberg building to its former glory.

Secretary of the Heritage Committee Doug Burns said current works to the bell tower involved restoring the infrastructure that holds the bells in place.

He said the works were being completed by local contractors.

“The metal beams were severely rusted, Caneland Engineering was engaged in restoring this structure and treating it against further rust,” he said.

“Ian Boston then repaired masonry works in the tower arches that were badly cracked and blown out due to moisture that had come into contact with reinforcing steel.

“Finally, Aldo Solano is repainting the entire bell tower inside and out and some hard-to-reach gables.”

Doug said contractors were using specialist equipment to reach the top of the structure that was being repaired.

“Ian and Aldo have been using a large knuckle boom to reach the extraordinary height of the bell tower,” he said.

“These works are expected to give this Bundaberg icon a further fifty years before further maintenance will be required.”

Previous projects have included refurbishment of the stage area, repainting and recarpeting the inside of the church, painting the outside, restoring the stain glass windows, draining the permitter of the church, fixing leaks in the roof, relighting the inside and outside of the church and now, the bell tower.

History of St Andrews

Bells arrive for the belltower at St Andrews Presbyterian Church. Photo: Gatley, Sylvia, donor, Picture Bundaberg, bun01462

St Andrews church was built in Bundaberg in 1932 by the Presbyterian church.

Architect Lange Powell designed the church in broad free gothic style, reminiscent of the 14th century.

“The carillon tower was dedicated as a World War 1 memorial and houses a peal of bells manufactured in Maryborough, England,” Doug said.

“During the 1970s the building came under the auspices of the Uniting Church in Australia and was purchased by the Seventh-day Adventist church in June 2004.

“The site is listed in the Queensland Heritage Register as a place of cultural heritage significance.”

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  1. Hi Doug, the work looks good. We got some water damage to the wall in the back room where the safe is. The paint is powdering off up to about 30cm from floor. When I saw it the wall was damp. I am a bit worried about cleaning the roof because of water damage to the walls. Have a good break. Your report on the church building is great. Blessings Ray

  2. Hi all at the former St Andrews Presbyterian Church. This is the Church I grew up in so holds so many fond memories fo and my family and me. I and my twin sister were born in September 1940 and Baptised there some months later. Only now do I realise that the Church was so new when this event took place. All members of my family were married there, but this Church sadly had passed from the control Presbyterian Church and my parents were buried from the May Street Presbyterian Church. No one of my immediate family resides in Bundaberg any longer. It was interesting to see the old Church again and to know that the restoration work is being carried out. It is also lovely to know that it is Heritage Listed. Bottom line is though, it is not the structural building that really counts, it is the people inside it. Blessings to all who worship there now.

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