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Ten Dollar Dreamers helping those in need

Ten Dollar Dreamers at the Bundaberg Hospital Children's ward after donating new toys.

A group by the name of Ten Dollar Dreamers is making the wishes of those in need come true, one ten dollar note at a time.

The fundraising initiative is the brainchild of Bundaberg man Kurt De Silva and his friends, who established the Facebook page two years ago.

It has since grown to 1200 members.

Kurt said the premise of Ten Dollar Dreamers was to sign up as a member to the Facebook page and then each month, donate just $10 to be distributed to a local charity, organisation or person in need.

“It really is quite simple – throw in some money, give it away and make someone's day,” he said.

“You can choose to give $10 each month, but if you can't afford it, you don't have to give every time.”

Kurt said during each month members of the Facebook group submitted suggestions on who the next Ten Dollar Dreamer recipient should be.

“These suggestions are collated and everyone gets to vote in a poll,” he said.

“At the end of the month we give away 100 per cent of donations to the chosen recipient, and then the whole process starts all over again.

“We provide pictures of the bank transaction and photos of the donation when it happens so people know exactly where their money is going and when.”

Kurt said the first donation made by Ten Dollar Dreamers went to Camp Gregory, a space for returned service people suffering from PTSD.

“We have also given to certain individuals suffering illnesses and we have restocked the Bundaberg Children's Hospital with toys.”

Kurt said the latest group to receive funding was Hinkler Lions Club who were given $740 to help with the running of their shower van for the homeless and other projects

Hinkler Lions Club president President Greg Vary accepted this month's Ten Dollar Dreamers cheque from Kurt De Silva.

“They were shocked, which isn't surprising,” Kurt laughed.

“The first time people find out they are getting money is when we hand them the cheque.”

Kurt said in the two years the initiative had been operating, almost $10,000 had been donated.

He said there were many positives about Ten Dollar Dreamers and he loved being part of a community passionate about helping others.

“It feels really cool, it is awesome,” Kurt said.

“Some of the stories I have heard, you know, you wish you could do it for everyone.

“It is really humbling. You thank yourself lucky that you are in a position to help others.”

Find out more about Ten Dollar Dreamers through the website or Facebook page.