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St Luke’s dominate annual Head of River Regatta

Head of the River Rowing Regatta
St Luke’s Anglican School Crew of Sienna Clark, Phoebe Ellem, Tobias Reynolds, Dayne Mortimer and Megan O’Connor (cox) return to shore after powering to victory in the blue riband Murchie Trophy Head of the River Mixed Quad (Coxed) event at the BDSSS Rowing Regatta at Bucca

Phoebe Ellem and Dayne Mortimer led from the front as St Luke’s Anglican School continued their domination of the annual Bundaberg and District Secondary Schools Head of the River Rowing Regatta, winning 19 of the 36 events, including all of the 9 trophy races.

Shalom College rowers claimed 7 events, with Bundaberg State High School (BSHS) picking up 5, Bundaberg North State High (BNSH) 3, and 2 taken out by Composite crews which included Gin Gin (GG) students.

Phoebe played integral roles in four trophy victories, including two Schoolboys events, the Coxed Four Standfast Trophy with Aiden Davidson, Tobias Reynolds, Dayne, and her brother Charlie Ellem (cox), and Coxed Quad Hardgrave Trophy with Samuel Klotz, Tobias, and Dayne and his sister Jorja Mortimer (cox).

The stylish technician also took out the Schoolgirls Singles Frank Axam Trophy, and the blue riband Murchie Trophy Head of the River Mixed Quad (Coxed), together with Sienna Clark, Tobias, Dayne and Megan O’Connor (cox).

She was also a very fitting joint-winner of the Vince and Donna Habermann BDSSS Spirit Trophy with Gin Gin’s Nathan Davis.

Dayne also joined forces with Tobias to pick up the Schoolboys Doubles and beat him for the Singles Slean Family Trophy.

One of St Luke’s rising stars, Sienna Clark, featured in three victories, including two trophies, the Schoolgirls Year 10 Quad (Coxed) Baker O’Brien Trophy with Wilhemina Maclennan, Jorja Mortimer, Asia Heaps, and Megan O’Connor (cox), and the Year 10 Singles Jacque Baxter Trophy, and she partnered Asia to also beat all comers in the Year 10 Doubles.

Saxon Blair also secured two trophies for St Luke’s, the Schoolboys Year 10 Quad (Coxed) Turnbull Trophy with Thomas Chadwick, Jacob Wangmann, Harrison Baldwin, and Megan O’Connor (cox), and the Year 10 Singles Laurie Zunker Trophy, in advance of Jacob Wangmann, and he also teamed with Harrison for Doubles success, with Thomas and Jacob runners-up.

Samuel Klotz also downed Aiden Davidson in a St Luke’s one-two finish in the Schoolboys Year 11 Singles, and they were the winning duo in the Year 11 Doubles.

Jorja and Megan (cox) also powered to victory in the Schoolgirls Year 9 Quad (Coxed) with Ella Cayley, Alexina Milbank, and Isabella Kuhn, while Isabella outgunned Jorja in a St Luke’s quinella in the Schoolgirls Year 9 Singles, and Isabella and Jorja added the Doubles.

Harri O’Connor was another to come to the fore for St Luke’s, claiming the Schoolboys Year 8 Singles, and adding the Doubles with Campbell Baldwin.

Sophie Evans was a star for Shalom with four triumphs, the Schoolgirls Year 7 Singles, Doubles with Eloise Slater, and Quad (Coxed) with Rory Egan, Lily Bielenberg, Nikita Clarey, and Breeanna Heinz (cox), and the Schoolgirls Year 8 Quad (Coxed) with Emily Parker, Tahlia Smits, Jada Critchlow, and Breeanna Heinz (cox).

Head of the River Rowing Regatta
Vince and Donna Habermann BDSSS Rowing Head of the River Spirit Award joint-winners Nathan Davis and Phoebe Ellem receive the trophies from Councillor Vince Habermann

Breeanna was also cox for their winning Schoolboys Year 8 Quad (Coxed) crew of Alex Neill, Talen Chalker, Jacob Naud, and Kodee Pole.

Seth Johnson achieved dual success for BSHS, in the Schoolboys Year 7 Singles from team-mate Lewis Herbener, and the Doubles with Kai Kenzler.

But Logan Caville was the stand-out for BSHS with a hat-trick of titles, the Schoolboys Year 9 Singles, the Doubles with Codee O’Davis, and the Quad (Coxed) with Riley Newbold, Codee, Thomas Baker, and Hamish Wilson (cox).

Sisters Jayne and Sarah Wake were the shining lights for BNHS, with the former beating team-mate Kaitlyn Rochford for gold in the Schoolgirls Year 11 Singles, also partnering her to the Doubles title, and with that dynamic duo additionally making the Quad (Coxed) their own in a Composite crew incorporating Tahlia Neill (GG) and Amber Flynn (BSHS), with Sarah as Cox.

Sarah also dominated her age group, snaring the Schoolgirls Year 8 Singles, and the Doubles, alongside Breeanah Dale.

Here are all the results:

Schoolboys Coxed Four (Standfast Trophy): 1 Phoebe Ellem, Aiden Davidson, Tobias Reynolds, Dayne Mortimer, Charlie Ellem (cox) (SL).

Schoolboys Doubles: 1 Tobias Reynolds, Dayne Mortimer (SL).

Boys Year 10 Doubles: 1 Saxon Blair, Harrison Baldwin (SL); 2 Thomas Chadwick, Jacob Wangmann (SL); 3 Lachlan Simpson, Nathan Davis (GG).

Schoolgirls Year 8 Singles: 1 Sarah Wake (BNHS), 2 Jada Critchlow (S), 3 Tahlia Smits (S).

Schoolboys Year 7 Quad (Coxed): 1 Brody Hartshorne, Joon McMahon, Jacob Britton-Wagenknecht, William Holzberger, Fletcher Cross (cox) (S); 2 Logan Newbold-Thompson, Seth Johnson, Kai Kenzler, Lewis Herbener, Hayleigh Peacock (cox) (BSHS); 3 Eloise Slater, Lakeley Watts, Claudia Makepeace, Henry Jansen, Breeanna Heinz (cox) (S).

Schoolboys Year 9 Double: 1 Codee O’Davis, Logan Caville (BSHS); 2 Lucas Rao, Oliver Meehan (SL); 3 Samuel Heinz, Sam Card (S).

Schoolboys Year 11 Double: 1 Samuel Klotz, Aiden Davidson (SL); 2 Archie Burey, Tim Chaplin (S); 3 Denyin Rose, Matthew Parker (S).

Schoolgirls Year 10 Quad (Coxed) (Baker O’Brien Trophy): 1 Wilhemina Maclennan, Jorja Mortimer, Asia Heaps, Sienna Clark, Megan O’Connor (cox) (SL); 2 Composite – Tahlia Neill (GG), Sarah Wake (BNSH), Piper Rochford (BNSH), Amber Flynn (BSHS), Breeanah Dale (cox); 3 Sarah Waters, Ariana Ulbl, Gabriella Miners, Emily Evans, Kodee Pole (cox) (S).

Schoolboys Year 8 Single: 1 Harri O’Connor (SL), 2 Alex McNeil (S), 3 Jacob Naud (S).

Schoolboys Year 7 Double: 1 Seth Johnson, Kai Kenzler (BSHS); 2 Logan Newbold-Thompson, Lewis Herbener (BSHS); 3 Bryce Hollis, Jaxon Turner (SL).

Schoolboys Year 10 Quad (Coxed) (Turnbull Trophy): 1 Thomas Chadwick, Jacob Wangmann, Saxon Blair, Harrison Baldwin, Megan O’Connor (cox) (SL); 2 Fletcher Crossett, Sam Card, Samuel Heinz, Oliver Jansen, Kodee Pole (cox) (S).

Schoolgirls Singles (Frank Axam Trophy): 1 Phoebe Ellem (SL).

Schoolgirls Year 11 Singles: 1 Jayne Wake (BNSH), 2 Kaitlyn Rochford (BNSH).

Schoolgirls Year 9 Quad (Coxed): 1 Ella Cayley, Alexina Milbank, Isabella Kuhn, Jorja Mortimer, Megan O’Connor (cox) (SL); 2 Cecilia Taske, Tahlia Smits, Jada Critchlow, Montana Weder, Breeanna Heinz (cox) (S).

Schoolboys Single (Slean Family Trophy): 1 Dayne Mortimer (SL), 2 Tobias Reynolds (SL).

Schoolgirls Year 11 Quad (Coxed): 1 Kaitlyn Rochford (BNSH), Jayne Wake (BNSH), Tahlia Neill (GG), Amber Flynn (BSHS), Sarah Wake (Cox).

Schoolboys Year 9 Quad (Coxed): 1 Riley Newbold, Thomas Baker, Codee O’Davis, Logan Caville, Hamish Wilson (cox) (BSHS); 2 Lucas Rao, Ronin Dechaineux, Oliver Meehan, Henry Hirst, Corey Stevens (cox) (SL).

Schoolgirls Year 8 Double: 1 Breeanah Dale (GG), Sarah Wake (BNSH); 2 Tahlia Smits, Jada Critchlow (S); 3 Jaydan Kelly, Reagan Walters (SL).

Schoolboys Year 11 Single: 1 Samuel Klotz (SL), 2 Aiden Davidson (SL), 3 Matthew Parker (S).

Schoolgirls Year 7 Double: 1 Eloise Slater, Sophie Evans (S); 2 Lily Bielenberg, Nikita Clarey (S); 3 Ruby Rose Nguyen, Grace Jenkins (SL).

Schoolgirls Year 10 Single (Jacque Baxter Trophy): 1 Sienna Clark (SL), 2 Amber Flynn (BSHS), 3 Emily Evans (S).

Schoolboys Year 8 Quad (Coxed): 1 Alex Neill, Talen Chalker, Jacob Naud, Kodee Pole, Breeanna Heinz (cox) (S); 2 Cooper Rao, Charlie Ellem, Harri O’Connor, Campbell Baldwin, Megan O’Connor (cox) (SL); 3 Lillyian Peacock, Aliyah Woznitza, Toby Black, Hamish Wilson, Taylah Wurzbacher (cox) (BSHS).

Schoolboys Quad (Coxed) (Hardgrave Trophy): 1 Phoebe Ellem, Samuel Klotz, Tobias Reynolds, Dayne Mortimer, Jorja Mortimer (cox) (SL).

Schoolgirls Year 7 Singles: 1 Sophie Evans (S), 2 Hayleigh Peacock (BSHS), 3 Lily Bielenberg (S).

Schoolgirls Year 9 Double: 1 Isabella Kuhn, Jorja Mortimer (SL); 2 Piper Rochford, Sarah Wake (BNSH); 3 Ella Cayley, Alexina Milbank (SL).

Schoolboys Year 10 Singles (Laurie Zunker Trophy): 1 Saxon Blair (SL), 2 Jacob Wangmann (SL), 3 Archie Burey (S).

Schoolgirls Year 8 Quad (Coxed): 1 Emily Parker, Sophie Evans, Tahlia Smits, Jada Critchlow, Breeanna Heinz (cox) (S); 2 Reagan Walters, Lily Brudenell, Layla Hills, Jaydan Kelly, Megan O’Connor (cox) (SL); 3 Lillyian Peacock, Jocelyn Taylor, Aliyah Woznitza, Taylah Wurzbacher, Emily Rosenberger (cox) (BSHS).

Schoolboys Year 9 Singles: 1 Logan Caville (BSHS), 2 Oliver Meehan (SL), 3 Fionn Houston (BNSH).

Schoolgirls Year 10 Double: 1 Asia Heaps, Sienna Clark (SL); 2 Tahlia Neill (GG), Amber Flynn (BSHS); 3 Gabriella Miners, Emily Evans (S).

Schoolgirls Year 7 Quad (Coxed): 1 Rory Egan, Lily Bielenberg, Sophie Evans, Nikita Clarey, Breeanna Heinz (cox) (S); 2 Matilda Pratt, Cianna Mergard, Ruby Rose Nguyen, Grace Jenkins, Megan O’Connor (cox) (SL); 3 Emily Rosenberger, Maddison Newbold-Thompson, Charlotte Baker, Hayleigh Peacock, Seth Johnson (cox) (BSHS).

Head of the River Rowing Regatta
Denyin Rose, Matthew Parker, Tim Chaplin and Archie Burey claimed a famous victory in the Schoolboys Year 11 Quad (Coxed) with Fletcher Crossett as Cox.

Schoolboys Year 11 Quad (Coxed): 1 Archie Burey, Denyin Rose, Matthew Parker, Tim Chaplin, Fletcher Crossett (cox) (S); 2 Christian Lane-Krebs, Lleyton Peterson, Rye Belz, Bernard Lollback, Taylah Wurzbacher (cox) (BSHS).

Schoolgirls Year 11 Double: 1 Kaitlyn Rochford, Jayne Wake (BNSH); 2 Lilygrace Dove, Sarah Waters (S).

Schoolboys Year 8 Double: 1 Harri O’Connor, Campbell Baldwin (SL); 2 Alex McNeil, Kodee Pole (S); 3 Toby Black, Hamish Wilson (BSHS).

Schoolgirls Year 9 Singles: 1 Isabella Kuhn (SL), 2 Jorja Mortimer (SL), 3 Montana Weder (S).

Schoolboys Year 7 Singles: 1 Seth Johnson (BSHS), 2 Lewis Herbener (BSHS), 3 Joon McMahon (S).

Mixed School Quad (Coxed) (Murchie Trophy): 1 Sienna Clark, Phoebe Ellem, Tobias Reynolds, Dayne Mortimer, Megan O’Connor (cox) (SL); 2 Gabriella Miners, Matthew Parker, Tim Chaplin, Emily Evans, Kodee Pole (cox) (S); 3 Kaitlyn Rochford, Piper Rochford, Richard Wake, Jayne Wake, Sarah Wake (cox) (BNSH).


Much water has flown under the bridge since the start of the Wide Bay Premier League Men’s season three months ago on 13th March, but similar results are expected when the combatants from that day meet again to kick off the second full round of the competition tomorrow.

Across The Waves (ATW) and Fraser Flames laid their season platforms with wins over Sunbury Blues 9-0 and SC Corinthians 4-0 respectively, and the pair will be each expected to win again when they take the field in return bouts at Federation Park and Martens Oval, respectively.

Brothers-Aston Villa (BAV) opened with a 6-1 dispatch of KSS Jets, and while their recent form has been moderate, they should have too many guns for the Jets in Hervey Bay.

Granville and Doon Villa both had 2-1 first-round results against Diggers and United Park Eagles (UPE) respectively, and close encounters are again expected in their return clashes, both at Martens Oval.

All Premier games are scheduled for 6pm.  

In the Women’s Premier League, Sunbury Blues will be able to place an iron grip on the League Championship if they can beat their hosts Across The Waves at 8pm tonight.

At the same time, UPE will lock horns with KSS Jets at Martens Oval, which will also be the venue for Bingera’s must win showdown with Tinana at 2pm tomorrow.

Rugby League

Miriam Vale Magpies have struggled for numbers all season and have been battered from pillar to post on the field, and they face another monumental task when they host the rampant unbeaten South Kolan Sharks at 3.15pm tomorrow in their last home match of the Northern Districts regular season at Gary Larson Oval.

Earlier at 1.30pm, two-times defending champions Avondale Tigers also have a tough assignment against Gin Gin Hawks, who have beaten them 28-26 and 24-16 in their two clashes to date in 2021, and another epic duel is expected with both teams peaking at the right time.

In the Women’s League Tag, the high flying Hawks will meet premiers Avondale Tigers in a top-of-the-table shoot-out at 12.15pm.

There are no Bundaberg Rugby League fixtures this weekend, with competition resuming next Saturday.


After playing their hearts out to push an admittedly under-strength reigning premiers Across The Waves Eagles all the way before losing by a mere two points last week, Brothers Bulldogs’ task to post their first win of the season will be tough when they travel to meet Bay Power in the only Marquis Macadamias Seniors Premiership match of the round tomorrow.

The Power will be still smarting from another loss to the all-conquering Hervey Bay Bombers last Saturday, going down by 28 points, and they will come out all guns blazing again after mauling the Dogs by 92 points on 29th May and 119 points on 17th April in their only two clashes so far this campaign.


Reigning Bundaberg Warren Family Homes Division 1 fixtures will resume tomorrow at the Superpark, and current champions Waves Gold are expected to maintain their unbeaten record when they suit up against Alloway Blue, with the Waves Blue team also in action at the same time against Natives Magpies.

At 5pm, it should also be a titanic tussle between Brothers Hurricanes and Fusion Solomons.


Four-times Bundaberg Division 1 Men’s defending champions All Blacks’ recent form has been lacklustre, losing three of their past four games, and they have suffered heavy losses to perennial grand finalists Waves Cities at their last two meetings, 5-0 and 8-1 respectively.

So, they will be keen to bounce back when the two heavyweights go head-to-head at Hinkler Park at 7.10pm tomorrow, after their women square off earlier in the afternoon at 3.10pm.

Arrows/Athletics and Raiders/Rovers will also do battle in all grades, with their Division 1 Women to take centre-stage at 4.30pm, and Men at 5.50pm.


Bouldercombe trainer Darren Taylor had a big day out at this week’s meeting at Thabeban Park, taking out a treble, including one of the feature races on the Bundaberg calendar, the rich Young Guns Final with favourite Cosmic Colin.

After getting the money with former Victorian Jack of Hearts in the Restricted Win event, he made it a race-to-race double when he claimed first and third respectively in the Free For All with Barcia Bullet and Blackpool Armour.

But the best was to come in the Young Guns when Cosmic Colin, which is locally owned by former Bundaberg Greyhound Racing Club president John Kuhn, outgunned rank-outsider Pixie My Love to complete a hat-trick of victories on the track.

Two other trainers picked up doubles on the program, William Boon, of Zilzie, and Bundaberg’s Lindsay McCarthy, with the former taking out the Novice Non Penalty with Velocity Justice, and the Mixed 4th/5th Grade with hot favourite and fellow track debutant Skilled, which notched his 5th win in a row and took his overall record to 27 wins and 6 placings from 44 outings.

Lindsay was successful with Sholto in a 5th Grade and Black Rocker, which posted his third consecutive win at the Park in the Best 8.

Two other local trainers were also in the winners’ list, David Raines with Zeke the Freak in a 5th Grade, and Narelle Mulcahy with Dr Outlander, which posted just his third win in 49 starts in the Masters 5th Grade.

Star sire Barcia Bale produced four winners on the program, Skilled, Jack of Hearts, Barcia Bullet and Zeke The Freak.