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Bundaberg Region a hotspot for RV travellers

CMCA park Bundaberg
Noel and Annette Johnston at the Bundaberg CMCA Park,

The international border closure is driving more tourists to the Bundaberg Region with more than 3000 nights booked at the CMCA Park this year and $2.7 million spent in the area since the park opened.

The figures are on track to be higher than the 2019 record of 4000 visitors for the total year and are providing a range of tourism and economic benefits to the region.

Arthur Bugden, from the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia national member services team, said survey results showed the park had accommodated 12,000 nights since opening in 2018.

He said the average spend of each RV was estimated to be $271.50 per night in the region.

“That's a total economic impact of just under $2.7 million in three years,” Arthur said.

“The Bundaberg park has the highest spend per night recorded than any other CMCA RV park which reflects what the city and region has to offer visitors in both attractions and services.

“It also has the longest average stay per visit at just over three nights, with many originally booking for one night but extending for multiple night stays.”

CMCA park Bundaberg
Wendy Davis and Pat Burton from Caloundra at the Bundaberg CMCA Park.

CMCA park Bundaberg at full capacity

Arthur said the park was experiencing full capacity at the moment, largely due to the peak traveller season and COVID restrictions.

“The park has had a stronger shoulder season this year and this would be attributed to the larger number of travellers on the roads across all areas of Australia, but in particular Queensland at present,” he said.

“This has been affected by the COVID situation and the inability to travel overseas.”

Arthur said the park itself was one of the key attractions that made RV users want to stay in the area, with the low-cost accommodation site providing a relaxed space to rest and recharge.

“Over 70% of our guests have confirmed that they would not have stopped in Bundaberg except for the low cost RV park being here,” he said.

“The region also has a large number of RV service industries where people can stop and get repairs done while staying at the park.

“They love the park because it is safe and they can leave their rig whilst they go exploring.”

CMCA park Bundaberg
The Bundaberg CMCA Park is a popular destination for self-contained travellers

With so much to see and do, Arthur said travellers were enjoying discovering all corners of the region with some even deciding to stay on as permanent residents.

“One of the unseen and unmeasurable side benefits has been the positive reviews of Bundaberg and surrounds such as Childers, Woodgate, Gin Gin and Bargara now appearing on various RV Facebook sites which offer positive vibes as an RV Tourism destination,” he said.

“There has also been an increase in house sales with people liking the area and deciding to relocate permanently.

“At least seven known real estate sales can be attributed to visitors to the park.”

The CMCA Bundaberg Park is situated at 45 Burrum Street and costs just $3 per night, per person for CMCA members.

Find out more here.

CMCA park Bundaberg
Keith and Beryl Mitchell at the Bundaberg CMCA Park.




  1. Hi to stay here,,do you need to have gray water tank on bord your van with an ensuite,,or can you use your outside shower and portable ensuite tent to stay here thank you

  2. We need RV parking in Bundaberg ,World Class ,with everything we got to offer,areas which is green ,friendly, not noisy and maintain, it should be spaceous,easy parking, pet friendly and have sewage dumping areas away from the parking areas,water hook ups would be great with power also hooked to Meters, close to shops ,restaurants and fast foods ,easy walking to town and parks,areas with picnic grounds and thou not needed toilet areas ,even close to a major pool,and fun activities sports areas,anything free to watch football oceans,rivers,parks and bird life,ect, for relaxing and to enjoy ,setting this up will bring money to the town .To understand ,after traveling and money spent in fuel ,time and effort to break free from hard city life or just to get away somewhere safe to enjoy your journey the cost already is high buying and maintain your RV or vans it’s costly just to get here ,who wants to be hit with huge parking in a caravan park with high pricing just to sleep in your own van.This towns need travelers and they need them to enjoy what this town has to offer and need them to spend spend spend take home vegies and gifts and buy what Bundy has from rum and ginger beer and markets .So making it as comfortable and safe and enjoyable for them, they’ll keep coming back every year to share stories friendship and meeting new people and sometimes the same people .Welcome any and every traveler and anyone to stay and show thanks and kindness it will take the stress away from their trip and give hope they’ll come back no matter what .Welcome to Bundy sign outside Bundy means just what it says .Welcome and Come again.

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