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Paul Kelly on his way to our door

paul kelly tour
Paul Kelly ‘s tour to visit the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre

Paul Kelly has fond memories of performing at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre and it appears residents feel the same way with the show selling out within a matter of days.

With a number of restrictions in place across southern states, Paul took up the opportunity to reschedule his tour dates and perform for a number of regional audiences.

“We have been playing regional shows and while originally it didn’t work out that we could get to Bundaberg, when we realised we couldn’t go to other states we started to look at alternative locations and it worked out that the beautiful Moncrieff theatre was available,” he said.

“I have always remembered Bundaberg for having a very friendly atmosphere and they look after us very well.”

Paul said he was grateful for the support shown by residents throughout the region which has allowed him and his team to continue doing what they love.

Based in Melbourne the band has experienced many cancellations and endured lockdowns, now relishing the opportunity to tour throughout regional Queensland.

“We had a pretty couped up year last year and the tour has been threatened at times with COVID in New South Wales and Victoria.

“The fact that we can keep going at short notice and say, lets announce a show and play and people come out and support it means that we have all been able to keep our rolling adventure going.”

Paul said the Moncrieff provided the opportunity to play a broad range of songs.

“As it is a theatre, we can do a range of songs both intimate as well as upbeat ones,” he said.

“We have a lot of older well known songs that we want to play which makes it quite a long show.

“I think it is getting close to a two hour show for those coming along.”

His last tour to visit Bundaberg was his Spring and Fall tour in 2013, which was once again hosted at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre.

Paul has personal ties back to the region with various family members residing here and he looks forward to performing in front of them at the upcoming show.

Event details:
When: Monday 2 August
Where: Moncrieff Entertainment Centre
Time: 7:30pm
Ticket cost: $84.60 (sold out)