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Sew Quirky stitches a new style

sew quirky
Mandy Murray has been bridging the gap between art and sewing, bringing Sew Quirky to life.

With the hope of changing the perception that sewing is for older people, Mandy Murray has been bridging the gap between art and sewing through her business Sew Quirky.

The name Sew Quirky represents exactly what the brand is about, with a range of products that mix textures including fabrics, vinyls and pom poms, re-imagining the concept of traditional sewing.

Mandy said the business was launched with the aim of inspiring young people.

“I started Sew Quirky because there wasn’t really anyone young and modern doing something different, so I really wanted to inspire the younger generation to sew,” she said.

“I have always had a passion for sewing and when I was younger it was like no one sewed, it was really a grandma thing so I wanted to make it cool.

“Developing my own sewing patterns gives me the opportunity to spread my love of creating with not only my local community, but the whole world.”

Over the past few years Mandy has taken Sew Quirky around the globe.

“I have travelled around the world to the UK with Sew Quirky and to the USA and exhibited over there as well,” she said.

“I remember my first trip to do a show in the USA and I was so nervous about it.

“The response to the brand has been so cool and I can’t believe it.”

sew quirky
Mandy is launching her book, Applique the Sew Quirky Way.

Mandy is launching her book, Applique the Sew Quirky Way, which provides a range of patterns and techniques for people to teach themselves how to make a variety of designs.

“My book provides a more in depth version of the patterns which all go with each other and help people a bit more,” she said.

“I’m very excited for everyone to get their hands on it.”

There are also a range of downloadable patterns available for purchase online.

“I have sewing patterns that are a document that you can download online and it explains to someone how to make it, so someone else can do the same sort of techniques as me,” she said.

Mandy attended the weekend’s Bundaberg Quilters show with a range of products on display.

“It was great to be at a local exhibition and share my works with the community,” she said.

Mandy encouraged everyone to pursue their passions.

“Never be afraid to try something new and find something that inspires you and give it a go,” she said.

“I definitely think trying something new is great for people in the current circumstances and keeping busy.”

Sew Quirky products are available online and you can keep up to date with the brand on Facebook and Instagram.