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Bundaberg QCWA celebrates 97 years

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Bundaberg QCWA celebrating the 2021 Scone Day

The Bundaberg QCWA branch has spent the past 97 years giving back to the community, providing a range of services in times in need, but also being a place which many women call home.

Over the years the QCWA provided crucial support for the region, while also facilitating craft days, scone days and holding meetings to offer a place for members to raise community concerns.

QCWA Burnett Division President Wendy Driver OAM said the Bundaberg QCWA branch had rallied together numerous times to help the local community.

“The Bundaberg branch has worked hard during times of crisis such as the flood of 2013 when lunches were prepared in the Bundaberg rooms for distribution,” Ms Driver said.

“The Yandaran Hall has also been used for the community during the fires in recent years.

“Following the fire at the backpacker’s accommodation in Bundaberg, the young people were taken shopping by the QCWA members.”

Not only has the branch been there during trying times, but they also open to provide companionship and conversation for their members.

“QCWA provides a venue for women of all backgrounds to meet and discuss issues, often finding out they are not alone with their concerns,” Ms Driver said.

“By attending conferences in your region and throughout the state, you are able to meet people with similar interest and form lasting friendships.

“I have memories of my grandmother attending QCWA and I chose to join to follow that tradition and to learn handcraft.”

Most branches have craft days and each year with competitions for floral art, soft and hard handcraft photography, knitting and crochet, sewing and public speaking featured.

In addition, each year members engage in learning about a country.

With the 2021 country of choice being Malaysia, members are learning everything from culture, history, geography and even preparing food for tasting.

The Bundaberg QCWA branch was set up two years after QCWA was established by Ruth Fairfax in Toowoomba.

The QCWA Burnett division also recently hosted their annual scone day, providing free scones with jam and cream to people at Alexandra Park.

This is just one way that QCWA gets its message out about the work members do within the community.

For more information on the Bundaberg QCWA, you can visit their Facebook.