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Workshop to tackle conflict resolution

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Robust Relationships” is the latest is a series of workshops to be presented by mediation and relationship professional Julie Mayer.

Change is often the catalyst to ignite conflict.

Conversely, conflict can be a reason to implement change.

“Building Robust Relationships” is the latest in a series of workshops to be presented by mediation and relationship professional Julie Mayer.

This latest workshop follows the well attended and highly applauded “Surviving the Losses of Life” program presented by Julie in Childers last month.

With more than 20 years experience in the area of conflict resolution Julie says this latest workshop is aimed at providing people with the tools to progress relationships stalled through conflict or how to successfully address conflict when it arises.

“The workshop offers a pathway to assist people with their professional development while also providing valuable instruction to those who may be carers, colleagues or parents,” Julie said.

“Conflict is an everyday occurrence and can be experienced in the home, workplace, extended family and community.”

Julie said the workshop will provide participants with scenarios and solutions.

“The workshop will investigate ways to become more robust in resolving conflict and how to develop healthy relationships.

“No one likes conflict. Understanding how to successfully engage in mediating conflict situations is a valuable life skill that can be adapted to many situations.”

Julie said attendees are welcome to discuss their particular conflict situations prior to the workshop and, if possible, the instance could be woven into the presentation as a case study.

“Failing that I can make arrangements with individuals for one-on-one discussions.”

The “Building Robust Relationships” workshop will be held at the Childers Wesleyan Church Hall on Saturday, August 28 commencing at 10am.

The program will run until 2pm and morning tea and lunch are provided.

Cost is $15 and bookings can be made online at seminarbookingwmc@gmail.com or contact Alan on 0438 770 890.