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Chris captures beauty of Bundaberg Region

Chris sweetapple
The night sky at Elliott Heads photographed by Chris Sweetapple.

On a clear night at a quiet farm in Elliott Heads local photographer Chris Sweetapple sits perched with his camera at the ready, waiting on the stars to align so he can capture a perfect shot of the sky.

A culmination of timing, fighting off the bugs and working with the natural lighting has produced a breathtaking photo of the beauty that can be seen when one simply looks up.

The stunning image is one of many in Chris' collection from around Bundaberg.

He said the region offered up the perfect opportunity for photographers to capture many beautiful moments.

“The Bundaberg Region has a huge amount to offer for every type of photographer, with rich colours, farmland, orchards, coastal views, clear skies and so much more!' he said.

Photographer Chris Sweetapple.
Photographer Chris Sweetapple.

Since moving to Bundaberg in 2018, Chris said his main focus was in commercial, landscape and astrophotography, allowing him to use his creativity in many different ways.

“For as long as I can remember I was interested in cameras and being creative with photography,” Chris said.

“In the beginning it was as simple as shooting on disposable cameras and sending them to a lab and waiting in anticipation to see what images came back.

“I was eventually introduced to a few SLR cameras through family and friends of the family.

“I was blown away by what they felt like to use and how much more creative you could be with them.”

Many years later, Chris said he got his first DSLR and was instantly hooked.

“I was able to combine my interest in cameras and shooting images with my love of technology,” he said.

“Photography soon became my passion and I haven’t stopped shooting and creating ever since.

“Being able to say my business and livelihood is also my passion is the best feeling in the world.”

Chris sweetapple photographer
An aerial shot of farmland in Bundaberg by Chris Sweetapple.

Chris said for those wanting to learn more about photography, the easiest thing to do was to get out and shoot.

“Do it every chance you get, regardless of the camera and lenses you have,” he said.

“The best advice I was ever given was that photography has a lot less to do with the gear you’re using and a lot more to do with understanding light.

“The learning never stops, every time you’re shooting, something will need to be overcome or improved upon.

“Being able to think critically and work out a solution is what teaches you to become a better photographer.”

To find out more about Chris Sweetapple Photography or to view his images click here.

Chris sweetapple
An eagle eye view of the Burnett River by Chris Sweetapple.

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  1. Beautiful work Chris love it. Makes Bundaberg attractive,, a destination I’d like to visit. Well done.

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