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E-scooter expansion doubles Bundaberg ride zone

Neuron e-scooter expansion
Neuron says a quarter of a million kilometres have been travelled on its e-scooters in the Bundaberg Region to date.

Neuron has more than doubled its Bundaberg e-scooter riding area, extending the service to surrounding suburbs including Kepnock, Svensson Heights, Walkervale and Bundaberg East.

In place from September 1, the expanded riding zone also means e-scooter riders can now travel to Stockland Shopping Centre.

Since the e-scooters were introduced to the Bundaberg Region in April this year, a quarter of a million kilometres have been travelled.

Head of ANZ of Neuron Mobility Richard Hannah said he was delighted to see the Bundaberg e-scooters expansion move forward.

“E-scooters are a great way for locals as well as tourists to travel in a safe, convenient and fun way and the expansion will have a positive impact for the city,” Mr Hannah said.

“We thank Bundaberg Regional Council for their continued trust and support.”

According to a recent survey conducted by Neuron, 84 per cent of users believed the e-scooters had created a positive impact and an impressive 45 per cent of all trips replaced car rides, eliminating an estimated 18 tonnes of CO2.

Bundaberg Regional Council Sport and Recreation portfolio spokesperson Cr Vince Habermann said it was an environmentally friendly and inexpensive method of travel.

“The expansion of the riding area means that more people can visit and support local businesses like cafes and restaurants, which will provide a boost for our local economy.”

The Neuron survey found that e-scooters were providing a boost to the local economy, with 62 per cent of rides resulting in a purchase at a business.

The expanded riding area has been welcomed by businesses including SSS Village Accommodation owner Toan Nguyen who believes it will be a “value-add” for guests and surrounding businesses.

To mark the e-scooter expansion, Neuron is offering 50 per cent off rides from Monday to Friday for the month of September.

For more information visit the website.



  1. E-scooters are a blot on the environment, being left at inconvenient locations eg across footpaths so there is no access for mobility scooters which should have priority.

  2. My only concern is the number of high school children I see using them. When reading the information you need to be 18.

  3. No helmet, no road rules, no action, no worries in bundaberg.
    Nearly smacked double up riders with no helmets on quay Street road right in front of the court house.
    Another double up no helmet weaving through blocked traffic going the wrong way on roundabout. Saw one rider come a cropper. Elderly ppl especially put at additional risk for $ it seems. Do they have insurance?
    These things are a blight on Bundaberg, the environment, and orange examples to our kids that lawlessness on roads is OK in woke council bundaberg.
    Roads, Rubbish, Rates and fix potholes and enforce dog laws please council.
    Your forgetting what councils are for at ratepayers inconvenience !!!
    Cheers Al.

  4. Look out Burnett Heads, Elliott heads and Moore park. Those pleasant walks along the foreshore????
    These things will creep.
    The councillors and Mayor need to have their photos riding on these things with their thumbs up so we can remember !!!!

  5. Yeah, the Neuron scooters are great, ridden with care in the right location. Unfortunately, leaving a shop to enter the footpath now means carefully looking both ways (along the footpath). Silent speedy scooters can be dangerous on footpaths in the CBD.

  6. An additional comment if possible:
    18 tons of Co2 ?
    How much coal gets burnt charging the scooters seeing that up to 95% of Queenslands electricity is generated from coal?
    How much Co2 would be saved if walking replaced riding ?
    Why didn’t the company survey ratepayers instead of riders?
    Which countries economy is boosted from scooter profits ?
    And finally.
    Perhaps all council cars could be replaced with e scooters if they think they’re such a great thing 🙂

  7. How come the majority of real bundy residents and i dont mean the new outside from the city ones hate these things, theyre for places like brisbane where you can park your car away from work because theres no parking space and scooter on in, not for here, but like the new pavements no one uses we dont get asked, or maybe thats why they got a grant for new pavements everywhere in the first place mmm

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