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Bruce Highway upgrades, rest area construction ahead

Bruce Highway upgrades
Safety works are part of an upgrade to the Bruce Highway being carried out by TMR.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads is upgrading sections of the Bruce Highway between North South Road and Ringwood Road, Isis Central and Booyal.

According to a TMR spokesperson, the project includes construction of a dedicated right-turn lane on the highway at the Adies Road intersection.

“This will improve safety by separating through and turning traffic, reducing the potential for rear-end crashes,” the spokesperson said.

“A widened sealed shoulder will also be provided for left-turning traffic.

“New formal heavy vehicle rest areas at Ringwood Road and Marule Road to provide northbound and southbound heavy vehicle operators another location to stop and rest.”

The spokesperson said the works would also include wide centre line treatment to create greater separation between vehicles travelling in opposite directions.

“This will give drivers more time to react if they stray out of their lane and provide more space to pass vehicles stopped on the side of the road,” the spokesperson said.

“Roadside safety treatments including flattening of batters and installation of guard rail at various locations within the project site.”

Construction on the project is expected to commence by the end of 2021.

The projects are funded by the Australian Government under the Bruce Highway Upgrade Program, with $12.84 million allocated to the safety improvements.

The rest areas are funded as part of an additional $6.08 million allocated to upgrade rest areas between Gympie and Benaraby.



  1. When are you upgrading the Pine Creek Rd turnoff on the Isis Highway or are you waiting for a fatality to happen first.????

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