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Ula Agnew celebrates 100 year birthday

Ula Agnew
Grandson Dale, Ula and Son Phillip Agnew celebrating 100 years.

When family members describe the type of person Ula Agnew is the words survivor, hard-worker and strong-minded are thrown around the room.

Some say her strength comes from her disciplinary days as a warrant officer during World War II while others think it may have stemmed from growing up on a farm in Booyal.

Even at her 100th birthday party Ula showed that same tenacity, celebrating with loved ones after recently recovering from a serious accident a few months prior.

“She is a survivor,” her son Phillip Agnew said.

Ula grew up knowing how to work hard.

Her family owned a farm and often cut timber at Goodnight Scrub.

During World War II Ula joined the army and quickly rose the ranks, becoming a drill sergeant.

“They called on the women to help,” she said.

“There were elderly women, wives, mothers we even had people come through that were retired.

“It wasn't glamourous, we worked hard.”

Ula Agnew marching in the Australian Women's Army Service.

Phillip said Ula went on to live a full life and became an amazing businesswoman, owning and operating multiple stores throughout the years.

“She had shoe stores, grocery stores, her and dad even had some squash courts here in Bundaberg,” he said.

“They opened the first squash courts in the region.

“Mum has always been in charge of the business side of things in our house and I think that has a lot to do with how she brought up and from her days in the army.”

And while Phillip said Ula had been a hard worker all of her life, she still made time to enjoy the little things.

“She likes her scotch,” he laughed.

“Every night she used to have a little bit of scotch and water and a glass of wine with every meal.

“She also loves to socialise, some of the guests here today met mum when she owned the squash courts.”

Ula's 100th birthday was celebrated this week with loved ones and friends at the Veteran Support Centre.

When asked what the secret was to a long life, Ula remarked there was no secret at all.

“I think life is just what you put into it,” she said.

Ula Agnew in her army days.

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  1. The 100th BIRTHDAY celebration for Ula Agnes was held at the Veteran Support Centre, Takalvan St NOT the Bundaberg Services Club. Please correct with an apology for all those who were present. Thank you.

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