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Liz and Wendy form a special bond for life

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Wendy Wilson and Liz Tobin formed a special bond 50 years ago and have recently been reunited in Gin Gin.

More than 50 years ago Liz Tobin was a very sick, abandoned baby who was given a second chance at life by 16-year-old nurse, Wendy Wilson.

Their bond and connection made during their short time together has remained strong over the years and through a series of events, the pair have recently found each other again in Gin Gin.

The heart-warming story has been shared as part of Bundaberg Regional Council's Our People Our Stories Project, which aims to bring people together through a connection to community.

At just two months old, Liz was found ill and abandoned in a box in Tenterfield, New South Wales.

She came into the care of Wendy who was a nurse at the local hospital assigned to her case.

Wendy cared for Liz for five weeks, affectionately calling her “funny face” especially at night when she was feeding and starting to show her personality.

After Liz had regained her health, she left the hospital and found her home with a lady by the name of Mrs Tobin, and that was the last Wendy heard about the beautiful baby she once cared for.

Little did she know that 50 years later their paths would cross again.

Posting a photo of her biological family to Facebook on the Tenterfield Memories Facebook page, Liz turned to the community in the hope to find out more information about where she had come from.

Wendy responded to the post, realising the family in the picture lived over the paddock from her.

Liz returned a private message without realising the connection they had shared, and the pair soon began talking on the phone.

“I’ve heard the voice before,” Liz gasped, putting two and two together.

After the phone conversation, Liz and Wendy planned to meet.

On 10 January 2020 Liz travelled to Bundaberg to spend seven weeks with Wendy and her family.

It was after this visit that Liz knew she needed to be closer to Wendy.

Liz now refers to both Mrs Tobin and Wendy as her two mothers.

Liz and Mrs Tobin made the decision to move from Tenterfield to Gin Gin in March last year to be closer to Wendy, who she now calls Nan.

Wendy said Liz was now all grown up from the beautiful baby she had saved decades prior.

“Elizabeth has flourished through the care of a very good lady, Mrs Tobin,” Wendy said.

“I idolise Wendy and just love her so much, she means the world to me,” shared Liz.

“I can still give her a cuddle and a kiss, but I can’t nurse her now!” Wendy said.

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