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Moon Festival to celebrate family, culture and tradition

Moon festival bundaberg
The SSS Strawberries family are excited to host the upcoming Moon Festival for the first time in Bundaberg.

Moon cakes, lanterns and lion dancing will all be on show at SSS Strawberries on Tuesday as part of a cultural and traditional festival celebrating the coming together of family and friends.

The team at the strawberry farm said they were bringing the festival to the region to invite the local community to share in the joy of their cultural event.

General managing director of SSS Strawberries Gina Dang said Moon Festivals were first established as a celebration of harvest.

“It is widely known that in the Vietnamese culture, we pay tribute to God for providing good weather conditions and a bumper crop and this is recognised as a Moon Festival,” she said.

“Every year on the fifteenth day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar, the moon appears to be the brightest, roundest and biggest full moon of the year.

“Our culture believes that the full moon represents prosperity and fullness of life, especially for our harvest.”

Gina said celebrating a Moon Festival also symbolised a time of family reunion.

“It is also known as Children’s Festival where the occasion allows a chance for family gatherings to admire the full moon, taste moon cakes, enjoy lion dancing, colourful lanterns and share funny stories,” she said.

“Moon cake is a must have during this festival.

“Traditionally the cake was made with filling of sweet bean wrapped around bright yellow egg yolk in a circle shape as a symbol of perfection and wholeness.

“People give moon cakes to each other with the belief that the sweet dessert brings happiness, luck and warmth to their family and friends.”

Lanterns of all colours, shapes and sizes are also a must have during the event with a special lantern parade part of the festivities.

“Lanterns are in the shape of stars or circles and symbolised light and moon to guard away all evil spirits,” Gina said.

Moon Festival Bundaberg
The Moon Festival will also feature plenty of strawberries.

“The other lanterns are in the shape of butterflies and fish and are displayed to bring prosperity and good fortune.”

The inaugural event will feature a range of activities for children, including lion dancing performances, a jumpin castle, strawberry games and more.

“Parents and kids can enjoy a cup of coffee, smoothie, chocolate-coated strawberries, sweet strawberries with ice cream while also experiencing our Pick Your Own Strawberries activity in our plentiful strawberry field,” Gina said.

“We are hoping that we can share more of our cultural activities with our beautiful community through this event.

“We also want to encourage not just our children but all children within the community to participant and learn more about the Moon Festival.”

The free Moon Festival event will be held on Tuesday, September 21 from 9am to 5pm at SSS Strawberries, 11 Rosedale Road, Bundaberg.

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