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Colourful Best Practice mural celebrates success

Best Practice mural
Local artists Mark Terry, Taylor Klaasen and Nicole Wone working on the mural at Best Practice.

Work is underway on a new mural celebrating the success and growth of a local business which is bringing a splash of colour to the Bundaberg CBD and adding to the growing public art trail.

The artwork’s bespoke design, on the side of the Best Practice building, is being created by local artists Mark Terry, Nicole Wone, and Taylor Klaasen.

Each artist incorporated specific elements relating to both the heritage of the company, and the First Nations people upon whose land the hub resides.

The massive 28-metre-long mural pictures key elements, including “ginmine” (the sun) which is the giver of all life, a tribute to the rainbow serpent.

The mathematical symbol for Pi and a vivid finch are also depicted to represent Best Practice owners Frank and Lorraine Pyefinch.

Best Practice mural
Work on the Best Practice mural is nearing completion.
Best Practice mural
Local artists have been hard at work creating the mural.

A Best Practice spokesperson said there was something special about having the three artists collaborate on the project, which resulted in the artwork containing a variety of elements brought about by people from different backgrounds and experiences, making the mural a story about Bundaberg, Best Practice, and the artists themselves.

“The artwork design was [a] fully collaborative process between our three engaged artists,” the spokesperson said.

“When signing off on a final design there were stages of discussion and revision.

“But it was entirely Mark, Nicole, and Taylor who interpreted the message into a creative design.

“In keeping with continuous symbolism across the mural, the finch has been designed to appear mid-flight as it soars upwards, a quiet tribute to Best Practice’s commitment to growth and positive improvement with the Healthcare Technology sector now and in the future.”

Best Practice Software partnered with local artistic innovation hub, The Ideas Distillery, to create the hand-painted public mural, which will enhance the community’s growing public art scene.

Other key features in the mural include a handwritten extract of the Hippocratic Oath – a sacrament to medical professionals in all they do, which reads “most especially must I tread with care in matters of life and death”.

A large DNA strand in the middle of the image, with the strands seen interconnecting the two halves of the mural, signifies the connection between patients and their healthcare provider.

Best Practice mural celebrates success

Best Practice Software Founder and Chief Executive Officer Dr Frank Pyefinch said the concept for the project stemmed from a desire to celebrate both the success of the Best Practice team in the field of medical technology and the spirit of the Bundaberg regional community.

“In the 17 years since Best Practice Software was founded, we’ve grown from a small team in our Bundaberg Operations Hub, to a multi-national organisation with over 200 staff who are dedicated to continuous improvement in the Health Technology sector,” Dr Pyefinch said.

“But no matter where we grow we are forever grateful to have been born and bred in Bundaberg, which is why we wanted to develop an everlasting tribute to the foundations of this organisation in the amazing community that has supported us ever since.

“The messaging within this exceptional work not only commemorates our team and the Bundaberg community, it also represents our commitment to the future of excellence in Healthcare Technology, and connecting Patients with their Healthcare Provider.”

The mural can be found at Best Practice’s Bundaberg Operations Hub, 55 Woondooma Street.

Once completed and officially unveiled, the Best Practice mural site will display a plaque with a QR code directing viewers to a webpage where they can find more information on the mural’s conception, installation, and a breakdown of its key elements.

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