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Mini Bee Coffee combines tricycle with caffeine cart idea

Mini Bee Coffee
Barista Kylie Peterson serves up a drink at Mini Bee Coffee.

An Italian Piageo Ape 50cc tricycle has been transformed into Bundaberg's newest coffee stop, providing good caffeine and an assortment of other drinks in a mini cart on wheels.

Mini Bee Coffee was established by local couple Renee and Arron Hollis who were initially on the hunt for a coffee cart setup for their business, Ezi-Web.

“Originally, Ezi-Web was looking at purchasing a decent coffee machine for the office space but when Arron and I spotted the bee while researching we fell in love and thought it would be a unique opportunity,” Renee said.

“Now we have great coffee available in the office foyer for not only ourselves but the businesses around us, served with a smile by our lovely barista Kylie.

“Both Arron and I have also completed our barista training now so we can enjoy that side of the venture as well.”

The unique tricycle has been fabricated into an all-onboard mobile coffee business and while only tiny, has plenty of room to cart around delicious drinks and treats.

“Our little bee allows use to supply hot and cold beverages such as coffee, tea and hot chocolate along with iced frappes of different varieties,” Renee said.

While Mini Bee Coffee is based in the foyer of Ezi-Web on most weekdays, the duo have also been offering their coffee cart service at a range of events.

“The vehicle is very mobile and we have already been lucky enough to be part of Oceanfest, the PBR Bullride, Nardoo Nursery plant market, and just the last few days the super vaccination clinic run by Queensland Health and the State Hockey competition,” Renee said.

“We are looking forward to other events leading into the end of the year as well.”

Mini Bee Coffee
Renee Hollis from Mini Bee Coffee.

Renee said with such a unique but simple look, the couple wanted to name the business accordingly.

“We chose the word ‘mini' because the vehicle is so small and ‘bee' because in Italy where the vehicle originated, the Ape part of the tricycle name means bee,” Renee said.

“Plus, she buzzes around a little like a bee when she drives along!”

The couple said they were over the moon to offer their Mini Bee Coffee service in the region.

“We love the fact we can make someone’s day by a simple drink and the fact we have such a quirky vehicle to share,' Renee said.

“We offer the convenience of using Doordash, Menulog and even the ability to pre-order via our website minibee.coffee or through our mini bee coffee app available in the App Store.”

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