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Bundaberg Physiotherapy to expand space and services

Bundaberg Physiotherapy
Lyndall Pratt at the Bundaberg Physiotherapy Centre which is set to expand following a recent development approval

A building which has been home to Bundaberg Physiotherapy Centre for the last four decades will be expanded following the approval of a development application.

The site, located at 28 Crofton Street, was once a residential home but has since undergone a number of remodels and extensions.

The latest extension, which was approved following a recent Material Change of Use application, aims to provide more space for the centre’s team of physiotherapists to offer additional, more specialised clinical services.

Bundaberg Physiotherapy Centre Principals Neil Petersen and Martin Giles said the expanded clinic would feature six new private consulting rooms.

“These rooms will provide dedicated individual treatment spaces to allow for more comfortable, effective, and private management of patients, particularly managing complex conditions such as chronic pain or women’s health complaints,” they said.

“The additional space will allow us to increase our clinical and reception staff numbers over the next 12 months.

“The redesigned original space will enable us to purchase additional rehabilitation equipment and weights resistance exercise equipment to then be able to offer a more progressive rehabilitation program for patients with orthopaedic and sports injuries.”

Another added feature of the development of the Bundaberg Physiotherapy Centre is its new modern design which includes easy entry to the building.

“It will offer a spacious reception area for both our patients, and our reception staff to work in,” the pair said.

They hope to start work on the building as early as January 2022.

According to the development application, the footprint of the building once the extension is completed will be increased by 102.2 m sq.

To find out more about the Bundaberg Physiotherapy Centre head to the website.

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