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Dynamite the kelpie cross has plenty of love to give

Dynamite Red Collar Rescue
Dynamite is full of love and plenty of fun and is currently available for adoption at Red Collar Rescue.

Dynamite is a sweet lad who is looking for a new start in life and he is currently waiting to be adopted at Red Collar Rescue.

He came into care after his owners dumped him at the pound, and testing found he was in the early stages of heartworm.

For the duration of his treatment he has shown himself to be a lovely lad with maybe a bit more energy than most of us would prefer.

We think that's the beagle in him, as he loves to put his nose on the ground and take you for a walk.

He is great with kids, good with most dogs, however, untested with cats.

There really is nothing not to like with this guy, he just needs someone to love.

Dynamite has just completed his treatment for heartworm.

He has had the annual injection, and treatment has been followed according to the American Heartworm association guidelines.

He has no deficits from the infection or the treatment.

Breed: Kelpie cross
Age: 7 years
Microchip: yes
Adoption fee: $400

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