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New mix of Kebabs and Spuds to satisfy tastebuds

Kebabs and Spuds
Kebabs and Spuds manager Evie Olsen and employee Jake Pollock are excited to offer a new variety of kebabs, and loaded potatoes to the Bundaberg Region.

Kebabs and Spuds will open in Kensington tomorrow and is set to offer all of the traditional favourites along with some unique new options.

Located at the Coles Kensington complex, Kebabs and Spuds manager Evie Olsen said the new eatery would be serving up both traditional kebabs which meet Halal guidelines along with a new non-traditional range of kebabs which would include the use of bacon and pork.

“We are introducing for the first time anywhere pulled pork kebabs,” Evie said.

“Streaky bacon or bacon bits options and brekkie kebabs which has a hashbrown, streaky bacon with chicken or doner meat and ‘baconnaise’ – which is bacon flavoured mayonnaise!

“Our menu has two main offerings, one being kebabs and one being spuds – loaded baked potatoes – with additional specialty items to satisfy all tastebuds.

With several years’ experience working at local kebab businesses, Evie, 19, is excited to bring an enhanced offering of both kebabs and spuds to Bundaberg.

“We have four toppings included with our kebab offering: lettuce, tomato, onion, plus one additional salad,” she said.

“All the standard offerings you expect from our kebab range, such as snack packs, kebab in a box, chips, chipabs, gluten free and vegetarian options (and) of course bacon salt for your chips.

“We have superb toppings for our spud offering, such as Bolognese, nacho, pulled pork, chorizo, bacon, chicken and doner along with a build-your-own spud option.

“With either one of our baked potato or sweet potato options, including spud balls which are .. baked then fried mashed potato balls in both potato and sweet potato.”

Evie said supporting locals was essential to running a small business, and with a handful of new employees raring to go, she was excited about opening the doors for the first time tomorrow on 15 October.

She said the team was excited to introduce their new products to the region.

“We know everyone will fall in love with them.”

Evie said Kebabs and Spuds would be able to feed the entire family in one go with a menu that looked after mum, dad and the kids.

“You won't need to stand and wait at our store – we have a lot of seating while you wait for your order to be freshly prepared, or you can order online for pick-up,” she said.

“Kerbside pickup is where we run it out to your car when you arrive at our store.

“Delivery options using our delivery partners, MenuLog and DoorDash.”

Spuds and Kebabs is open 8 am to 10 pm seven days a week. For more information check out their Facebook page.



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