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Turtley Interactive encourages education of Milbi

Turtley Interactive is an educational event on as part of the upcoming Milbi Festival.

With the success of the hatchery at Mon Repos critical to the survival of the endangered loggerhead turtles, education about the species is vital throughout the Bundaberg Region and beyond.

As part of the upcoming Milbi Festival Department of Environment and Science Chief Scientific Officer Dr Col Limpus will be running a Turtley Interactive session together with representatives from the Queensland Alliance for Environmental Health Sciences research centre.

The session will see Dr Col Limpus present with time for a Q&A, followed by each of the four members of the UQ Research team explaining their individual research programs, focusing on the effects of microplastics in our environment, on our wildlife, marine animals and also humans’ health.

The presenters will take audience questions and attendees will have options for interactions with specimens and displays that both presentations will focus on.

Dr Limpus said it was vitally important to hold events such as Turtley Interactive so the community was educated about the conservation of the marine animals to ensure the species continued to survive.

“Part of my long-term goal is that I want my grandchildren and their children to be able to enjoy the marvellous features of Bundaberg and the Woongarra Coast just as I did,” Dr Limpus said.

“Sessions like this are a great way to ensure that people understand how we can conserve these endangered migratory species and help in ensuring their continued to annual visits to Mon Repos.”

Not only does the Bundaberg Region support the largest concentration of nesting marine turtles on the eastern Australian mainland, but Mon Repos is home to the most significant loggerhead turtle nesting population in the South Pacific region.

Marine turtles embark on a unique journey, from nesting to hatching and the battle to survive the ocean.

Council’s Arts, Culture and Events portfolio spokesperson Cr John Learmonth said the event was a fantastic way to educate the community on the region’s importance to the turtle species.

“When people think of the Bundaberg Region, turtles and Mon Repos are some of the first things that come to mind,” Cr Learmonth said.

“Our region plays a critical part in ensuring the survival of the endangered loggerhead turtle, which is important to understand, especially with how you can help as a resident of the region.”

Admission to the event is free; however, you will still need to register your attendance here.

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Event details:
Date: Thursday 4 November
Time: 1 – 2.30pm
Cost: Free
Location: Moncrieff Entertainment Centre, 177 Bourbong St

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