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The Whitlams return to Bundaberg after 20 years

The Whitlams
After visiting the Bundaberg Region at the turn of the century The Whitlams will return for their long-awaited Gaffage and Clink 2022 tour.

After visiting the Bundaberg Region at the turn of the century The Whitlams will return for their long-awaited Gaffage and Clink 2022 tour.

Gaffage and Clink 2022 is The Whitlams first full-band tour in two years, and it will be enlivened by new songs from their latest album, Sancho, set to be released on January 28 next year.

Lead singer Tim Freedman said he was excited to come back to the Bundaberg Region, and there would be a broad selection of tunes from their six platinum and gold albums, along with new singles to keep the audience entertained.

“Yes, I remember a sports or recreation club up some stairs with The Whitlams around the turn of the century,” Tim said.

“However, it has been a long while since we've dropped in, so we have plenty to fill the concertgoers in on since then.

“I know that radio in Bundaberg has been nice enough to spin two of our recent songs ‘Man About a Dog’ and ‘(You're Making Me Feel Like I'm) 50 Again’ so there is no reason to be scared of a little new stuff!

“Of course, ‘No Aphrodisiac’ and ‘Blow Up the Pokies’ will get a run.”

The Whitlams have had a strong, and long, career in the Australian music scene, and the band will celebrate 30 years next year.

“Our audience has been very loyal, and we have always taken great pride in the quality of our live shows,” Tim said.

“I've kept this excellent line up in the band with me since 1999, so we should know what we are doing by now!

“We are really excited by our first new album in 15 years which comes out on January 28, so we'll be peppering the show with some new stuff.

“This is the second show we'll be playing with the classic four piece line up in two years, so I can assure you that the enthusiasm on stage will be genuine.”

Returning to the Bundaberg Region after his time here during the Milbi Festival, Alex Llyod is set to open for The Whitlams.

“Alex Lloyd, he of the big hit ‘Amazing', is opening for us and will join us on stage for a few tunes,” Tim said.

The Whitlams will play at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre on Friday, 18 February during the first week of their long awaited Gaffage and Clink 2022 tour.

Tickets are available from the Moncrieff to book now.


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