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Sounds Untold reunites after more than 50 years

Sounds Untold
Sounds Untold will be on stage at Spotted Dog/Railway Hotel on Sunday at 1pm. Photo: Contributed

Music is in the blood and soul of Bundaberg’s Mike Lye, and this weekend he will return to the stage to reunite with Sounds Untold bandmates Geoff Schuh and Geoff Yelaska.

Stepping back more than 50 years ago when the band members were in their late teens and early 20s, Mike said he remembers the glory days of music well.

“It was pretty busy in the music scene, with lots of opportunities for bands back then,” Mike said.

“Our drummer Geoff Schuh worked at Nielsen’s Music Store, and Geoff Yelaska had just arrived in town and wanted to know where he could join a band.

“Geoff (Schuh) took a guitar off the wall and said to him ‘well, lets see what you can do first’.

“He played Unchained Melody, and he was able to capture the essence of the song the way it originally – like no one else he’d even heard.”

Mike said that chance encounter led the trio to create Sounds Untold and they went on to perform around the Wide Bay.

“That was it – we then become a band,” he said.

“We were around for between 12-18 months and played at various hotels – playing cabaret music and popular tunes of the ’70s along with rock and roll.”

Mike said music was part of the lifeblood of the Bundaberg community, and he recalled the trio performing on the back of a truck at the popular Sugar Festival.

“We were definitely keen musicians, and we’ve all been in a number of bands over the years,” he said.

“We are really looking forward to performing at the Railway Hotel again, and we will be keeping to jazz, blues, and crooning songs – I think we are all a little too old now to play Unchained Melody!”

Sounds Untold will be on stage at Spotted Dog/Railway Hotel on Sunday at 1pm, with special appearance by local music legend Clem Soppa.