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Drones called in to help deliver meals over flood water

Oztech Drones
Oztec drones offered their services to fly in Meals on Wheel packages to customers who were cut off by c=flood water this week.

Local business Oztech Drones has utilised its drone technology to deliver Meals on Wheels to people who were cut off by flood water in the Bundaberg Region this week.

The team use their drones for a range of jobs and specialise in agriculture spray drones to get to hard-to-reach areas.

Owner Jamin Fleming said with the recent heavy downpours creating havoc in the region, he offered his services to help those in need.

“I put up a post on Facebook offering to help free of charge to any landholders or anyone isolated from swollen rivers or creeks,” he said.

“Meals on Wheels contacted us with a problem saying that some of their customers couldn’t get their deliveries due to flood waters.

“There were three customers who we delivered the meals to from around the Fairymead area.”

Oztech Drones meals on wheels
Oztech Drones helped Meals on Wheels by delivering food to people who were isolated because of flood water in the Bundaberg Region this week.

Jamin said the customers were blown away by the offer of support.

“One was an elderly man and I was on the phone to him at the time, and he couldn’t understand how it was going to work to have his meal flown to him,” he said.

“I think he thought we were going to land a plane as he waited at his front door for the delivery!”

Jamin said another customer didn’t have any food for the weekend before the offer of support came in.

“We were happy to assist in getting care packages across the flooded waters,” he said.

“I’m glad they were able to have a feed this weekend – we were all really happy to help.”

Jamin said during the 2013 floods he and his family had been in a similar situation where they found themselves isolated and surrounded by rising water.

“We were one of them – we weren’t too bad, but we know the feeling,” he said.

Jamin said although delivering meals was a little different to the every day agriculture jobs he was tasked with for Oztech Drones, he was elated to have been able to help.

“Our heavy lift spray/seeding drones can safely lift up to 18kg and fly emergency supplies across creeks and rivers in the Bundaberg area,” Jamin said.

“The meals that we delivered were only about 10kg.

“We thought, well we have the equipment here so why not help when we can?

“It was a bit of fun too!”

A local resident who relied on Meals on Wheels for food this weekend, but found himself flood in, was given his food with the help of the Oztech Drone team who flew the meals across flood waters.

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