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Bowls results from around the region

Burnett Bowls Club
On the greens with the Burnett Bowls Club.



B. Northover, D. Rowatt d. A. Strowger, S. Fryer

B. Greenwood, B. O'Neil d. R. Greenwood, D. Franklin

J. Connell, G. Gunn, J. Abel were defeated by K. Bromley, G. Constable, G. Jackson

B. Patterson, S. Carney d. P. Collie, B. Davis
G. Hicks, R. Vanderwaal, N. Holmes d. K. Diamond, A. Nathan, N. Holmes
B. Trudgian, R. Kilpatrick, B. Klassen d. R. Barfield, D. Brear, B. Nathan
M. Beaumont, A. Massey, L. Kronk d. F. Petersen, J. Gaffney, N. Nunn


D. Brear, S. Morton d. A an C Strowger, B. Northover
R.Kilpatrick, A. Nathan d. D. Fox, D. Franklin
G. Gunn, N. Nunn d. S. Carney, B. O'Neil
F. Constable, B. Nathan d. T. Adams, G. Constable
R. Vanderwaal, S. Fryer d. M. Carney, D. Rowatt
B. Davis, P. Fox d. G. Skelly, R. Fryer
J. Gaffney, J. McKechnie d. G. Hicks, B. Trudgian


Results Monday 6th December – Turkey Triples Breakup – 96 players enjoyed the day with 40 hams plus $600 awarded to skilful bowlers and lucky draws. Winners W. Collins, J. and J. Hillier; J. Jardine, F. Clarke and S. Jardine; J. Dingle, P. Van Huizen and T. Chippendale; Jezza, W. Barnett and G. Silverthorne. Winners First Game N. McNamara, T. Merrit and T. Heath; H. Stauffer, B. Henness and M. Stauffer. Winners Second Game P. Barker, R. Murdaca and B. Mark; B. Ross, M. Dillon and T. Carroll. Lucky Draws J. Hearn, L. Adam and A. Adam; G. Cahill, A. Mutch and B. Burgess.

Tuesday 7th December – Presentation Night – Over 100 Members and Partners attended to recognise and award our Championship Winners. The inaugural Spirit of Bowls were awarded to Viv Sauer and Deb Handley. This Award recognises achievements in Bowls, participation, sportsmanship and attitude on and off the green.

Thursday 9th December – Men’s Pairs – Winners A. Johnson and J. Beek; R. Tonkin and B. Dilg; J. Jardine and B. McDermott. Sportsman’s F. Plant and B. Dunn; G. Cahill and A. Powell.

Sunday 12th December – Christmas Cheer Day – D. Ivens, B. McDermott and Rob Pershouse; W. Faulkner, R. Alder and W. Horn; A. Johnson, N. Shaw and J. Beek. Sportsman’s V. Reitzenstein, J. Cannon and J. Reitzenstein; C. Bridges, J. and W. Waugh; J. and A. Grills and V. Kohn.

Coming Events: Mondays Turkey Pairs: Open (Ladies, Men or Mixed) 2 games of 11 ends 1pm Start.
Thursdays Men’s Pairs 1pm Start.
Sunday 19th December Super Sunday Triples Open(Ladies, Men or Mixed) 3 sets of 7 ends, playing order changes every set with each player playing 7 ends as Lead, Second and Skip. 1pm Start. Come along and enjoy a fun arvo.


Tuesday 7th December: Mixed Triples $420.00 Day sponsored by Des Allen Funerals.

Samson Green:

Winners: R. Chambers, J. Clough, L. Poulsen. Runners Up: K. Itzstein, H. Schmidt, C. Marcinkus. Sportsperson: H. McKinnon, M. Zacher, D. Harding.

Foundation Green:

Winners: G. Ferguson, V. Mallett, G. Ayrton. Runners Up: S. Ribbans, R. Sydenham, R. Ribbans. Sportsperson: Rob, B. Clarke, F. Clarke.

Thursday 9th December:

Winners: R. Death, B. Fryer, G. Mallett. Sportspersons: Judy Jones, D. Francis, B. Newton.

Saturday 11th December:

Winners: M. Gillam, V. Schmidt. Sportspersons: R. Chambers, R. Ribbans.

Tuesday 14th December: S. Ribbans, R. Ribbans. Thursday 16th December: M. Nicol, G. Mallett. Saturday 18th December: J. Scougall, L. Scougall.

Competition Results:

Ladies President Triples Final: K. Itzstein, S. Gastaldon, M. Nicol def R. Lear, J. Barrett, C. Marcinkus.

Ladies Skips & Pairs Final: L. Scougall, C. Marcinkus def T. Salau, S. Gastaldon.

All Ladies Championship Games are now completed for 2021. Thank you to all ladies who competed this year.

Open Mixed Fours: E. Angove, K. Evans, F. Millerick, R. Russell won on Forfeit.

Competition Call:
Thursday 16th December:
Mixed Fours Final: B. Hofstetter, C. Marcinkus, C. Suzor, M. Nicol v E. Angove, K. Evans, F. Millerick, R. Russell.

Upcoming Events:

Tuesday 14th Dec: BOM Meeting at 9.30 a.m. Mixed Triples $420.00 Day sponsored by Northside Produce. (1.30 p.m. Start)

Thursday 16th December: Social Bowls and Competitions.

Friday 17th December: Club Christmas Celebration and Raffle Prizes Drawn – 4.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. Members Attending the Club Break-up need to inform the Club for catering now.

Saturday 18th December: $600.00 Day sponsored by Ross Gray Motors. (1.00 p.m. Start)

Sunday 19th December: Working Bee at 8.00 a..m. Renovation of the Foundation Green. (All hands on deck for 5 days please)

We are still accepting Gifts for the Christmas Raffle Please. Tickets are being sold each Bowls Day.

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