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Blood donors urged to give life this Christmas

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Australian Red Cross Lifeblood is calling for an additional 9000 people to roll up their sleeves over the Christmas break.

With consecutive long weekends coming up, and half of all blood donation appointments still not being attended, Australian Red Cross Lifeblood is calling on Bundaberg Region locals to roll up their sleeves over the Christmas break.

Red Cross is looking for 50 additional donors in Bundaberg in a nationwide search for 9000 blood donors over the festive season, including 2200 in Queensland.

“Christmas can be a challenging time for Lifeblood, as some of our regular donors take time out to celebrate and catch up with family and friends,” Lifeblood Executive Director of Donor Services Cath Stone said.

“This year we are anticipating many of our regular donors will take the opportunity to travel now that much of the country and our international borders have reopened.”

Lifeblood said 9000 donors were needed between Boxing Day and January 3 to ensure patients receive the blood and blood products they need over the festive season, with appointments to be filled right across the country.

In recent weeks, appointment “no shows” have reached a record high with one in two not being attended.

“We’re urging people to make blood donation a priority. The need for blood never stops and there are people in hospital right now relying on donated blood for serious accidents, surgery, complicated births and cancer treatment,” she said.

There is no substitute for blood which is needed somewhere in Australia every 18 seconds.

“A particular part of our blood, called platelets, only lasts for seven days,” she said.

“Platelets are a vital clotting agent used in emergencies and cancer treatment, and it takes four donors to make just one bag, so we need a constant supply.

“Donating blood only takes an hour of your time, but for a patient, it’s life-changing.

“That change may be a second chance, the key to a fuller life, or perhaps, it’s more time with family and friends.

“Lifeblood’s message is this: ‘This Christmas don’t just give something. Give everything'.

“Donate blood and you can help to save up to three lives,” she said.

To donate call 13 14 95, visit the website or download our free Donate Blood app.

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