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Book Review: Her Heart for a Compass

Title: Her Heart for a Compass

Author: Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, with Margeurite Kaye

Publisher: Mills & Boon, London

Publication date: 2021

Genre: Romance

Reviewer: Estelle Quinlan

her heart for a compass
Her Heart is a Compass makes for a perfect Sunday afternoon read.

The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, is known for being a controversial former member of the Royal family, spokeswoman for Weight Watchers, a champion of children’s literacy and education and a children’s author.

Her first novel for adults is breathtakingly romantic.

An impulsive and rebellious young woman turns her back on society’s rules and follows her heart to find her own identity.

Set in Victorian England this story follows Lady Margaret Montague Scott, a young noblewoman whose family are close friends of Queen Victoria.

Lady Margaret’s parents arrange a society wedding for their daughter and despite her opposition to the match she is expected to conform to their wishes.

On the night the announcement of the upcoming betrothal is to be made free-spirited Margaret flees London, aided by the most handsome and debonair Donald Cameron of Locheil.

Much is made of the sudden disappearance of Lady Margaret and interspersed with the narrative are commentaries from newspapers which are full of scandal and innuendo.

Facing public scrutiny, Margaret’s parents are forced to disown her and she is shunned by the Royal family in case some of the scandal should tarnish the reputation of the Crown.

Banished from London and intent on breaking the mould demanded of all high society females Lady Margaret throws herself into charitable works and draws strength from a circle of like-minded female friends.

Lady Margaret fights for her voice to be heard and has the confidence to follow her heart.

She is strong and resilient, determined to live life on her own and to empower herself despite the odds.

Her journey takes her to Ireland, America and back to Britain, and as we would expect of all romantic novels, she finds true love.

Her Heart for a Compass is a mixture of real-life historical characters and some entirely fictional, set against a background of real events and locations.

Through the book, the reader is taken on a fascinating journey exploring the lives of women born into the higher echelons of society.

Her Heart for a Compass is a delightful costume drama, rich in history, atmosphere, and colour and is worth a lazy Sunday afternoon read.

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