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Playground fencing opens world of opportunity

playground fencing opportunities
Crystal Tanzer and her son Dylan can now enjoy the newly fenced playground at the Botanic Gardens.

The Bundaberg Botanic Gardens playground fencing is now complete and has been welcomed by parents, with one family now having the opportunity to spend more time together outdoors.

As a result of consultation with parents of children with special needs, a fully enclosed destination playground was identified as a high priority and has since been installed at the Botanic Gardens playground, just in time for school holidays.

Local mother Crystal Tanzer has been involved in the consultation process from the beginning, saying the fence provided endless opportunities to not only her family but other families in a similar situation.

“Our son Dylan is five years old and nonverbal, autistic, so he has no knowledge of safety of cars,” Crystal said.

“To be able to have the opportunities to play with Dylan in a playground and for him to play with his cousins or his little brother is something we would not have been able to do prior to Council installing the fence.

“So, for us as family we are now able to spend time as a family outside our family home, and we are very grateful.”

She said while it may not seem like a lot, this fence provided opportunities for children with special needs.

“I am very grateful to Council for getting this fenced playground and behind the scenes spending the time to make it work,” she said.

“The fencing gives opportunities for kids like Dylan to be able to have normal opportunities that other children get to have.

“It gives Dylan and other children like him the chance to play alongside neurotypical children so that he has the opportunities to just be a normal kid.”

Crystal said while the fence doesn’t mean there is no need to watch your children, it means Dylan can play freely.

“For us, we are still here and present while the kids are playing, but it gives us the opportunity to allow them to play unhindered and without us being attached to him,” she said.

“It has been several years since he has had the opportunity to play locally so this give us the opportunity to have a birthday party in a playground.”

The fencing will provide a secure, safe and inclusive playground to be enjoyed by children, parents and carers alike.

The local team at Complete Barrier Solutions have completed the project, with the playground now fully open again.

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