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Ice baths and breathwork with Daniel O’Keeffe

Daniel O’Keeffe
As a qualified personal trainer, Daniel O’Keeffe says he believes it is important for people to learn how to regulate their emotions to help strengthen their body.

After recently moving to the Bundaberg Region, Daniel O’Keeffe is on a mission to share his knowledge of a health-conscious lifestyle through his new business Vibing Fit and Conscious.

As a qualified personal trainer Daniel said he believed it was important for people to learn how to regulate their emotions to help strengthen their body.

Daniel said through a selection of meditation techniques, including breathing exercise, participants would often see improved mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

Holding personal training and breathwork meditation sessions through his new business, Vibing Fit and Conscious, at Nielson Park, Bargara, Daniel said the beachside was the ideal location.

“Breathwork is a powerful holistic tool available to all of us to learn how to regulate our emotions and emotional reactions more effectively,” he said.

“Increasing our ability to live our lives in a conscious effective manner.”

The 24-year-old said after he personally saw the benefits of leading a healthy life, he hoped to share some of the methods with the community.

“I have a passion for helping people … and seeing them happy,” Daniel said.

“That is the main reason I do what I do, I have felt first hand the benefits of living a fit healthy and conscious lifestyle.

“So, I spread the knowledge and wisdom I have acquired from my experience to assist people who are on their own journeys. Assisting them to live a free happy lifestyle void of suffering or stress.”

He said along with teaching breathing methods to support a healthier lifestyle, he practiced cold water immersion, which was also known as ice baths.

He said there were physical benefits to ice baths which included shortened time for muscle recovery, and fat burning.

“Finding the silent space which is always present within you, the observer of your thoughts and feelings,” Daniel said.

“Tapping into the essence of your true power the silent space beyond the noise. Tapping into this essence through the use of breath in the stressful environment of the ice bath.”

Daniel said he usually took an ice bath twice a day, for about three minutes each time, and he believed it helped him to tap into the essence of his daily life.

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