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Lose yourself in a book with new street library box

Woodgate Street Library Box
Local artist Margaret Featherstone designed and painted the new Woodgate Street Library Box.

Community members will find more ways to while away their time now that the Woodgate Street Library Box is open and supplying a variety of free books.

Initiated by Woodgate and District Residents Association, the book exchange cupboard was painted by local artist Margaret Featherstone and crafted by a dozen pairs of helping hands.

Woodgate and District Residents Association’s Pauline Greer said neighbouring communities, such as Childers, already had book exchanges and community libraries, and the group thought it best to set one up in Woodgate.

She said the idea was to share books within the community, and anyone was welcome to take a book for themselves and leave a book for others.

“The concept has been around for a while and there are several other little libraries in other communities, so the Woodgate and District Residents Association decided to take on the project and it was finished on 27 January and open to the community,” she said.

“We want people to be able to lose themselves in a book, just like the artwork painted on the side by Margaret says.”

Woodgate Street Library Box
Community members will find themselves a little more “booked” now Woodgate Street Library Box is open and supplying a variety of free books.

Pauline said within days of opening the street library was already bursting with a range of quality titles, with everything from fiction to non-fiction ready and waiting for someone to take home.

“Even though we do have a monthly book stall here at Woodgate I know this is very welcome,” she said.

“This was a great project that had the opportunity for lots of people to become involved in.

“A dozen pair of hands worked on creating the box and Council came out and put the post in for us and we really appreciate that.”

Pauline thanked members who kindly organised the pattern and wood for the Woodgate Street Library Box and she said it was a real community effort.

“Ros (Rieck) instigated and coordinated the project, and Ros and Max (Henke) donated the materials,” she said.

“Ros’s husband Neil, and Dale Greer, prepared and painted the raw materials ready for assembly.

“Now, it looks so good in the park outside the community hall.”

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