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Judy’s commitment to community recognised with OAM

Judy OAM Bundaberg
Judy Peters OAM is one of four Bundaberg locals to receive an Order of Australia Medal on Australia Day 2022.

Former councillor and passionate Bundaberg local Judy Peters has received top honours on Australia Day for her service to government and the community.

Judy is one of four locals to receive an Order of Australia Medal, with Dr Brad Murphy, Evelyn Bury and Patricia Russell also awarded for their efforts.

Judy said she felt completely honoured to be recognised and finding out about her OAM was “a bit of an OMG!” moment.

“I was honestly so stoked,” she said.

“When I first opened the email about the OAM I thought it must have been for someone else and then I read only my name and I thought, well hang on a minute!

“I guess it put into perspective the whole love what you do, do what you love saying.”

Judy held her role at Bundaberg Regional Council for 26 years before retiring in 2020 and was heavily involved in the community through her portfolio.

“I got to meet so many amazing people in my role that I built I real rapport with, and that's what it was about for me,” she said.

“Yes, it was my job but I really wanted to do my job well and it gave me an opportunity to talk to people that are so entrenched in our community and to help them.”

Judy continues her work with community groups

Even after announcing her retirement, Judy has continued to work with local community organisations, giving her time whenever needed.

Currently she is part of the Bundaberg Pensioners League, Bingera Football Club, Regional Housing Limited, Playhouse Theatre and is the Chair of the Friends of BUSHkids, just to name a few.

Judy OAM Bundaberg
BUSHkids CEO Carlton Meyn, service manager Amy Clapham, chair of Friends of BUSHkids Judy Peters, clinic service manager Susan Harrison and team leader Maddie Fog at the official opening of the new Bundaberg BUSHkids Centre.

Judy said she was honoured to be able to keep working with community groups and their amazing members.

“When I retired from Council I contacted all of the organisations I was involved with to let them know and to tell them I understood if they no longer wanted me to be part of their committee,” she said.

“They all said no, we still want you, and that completely blew me away.

“I am so grateful to be able to align myself with people who are so involved in community and making the region a family orientated place, it is a real privilege to be part of it all.”

Judy OAM Bundaberg
Cr Judy Peters reflects on her 26 years as a Councillor

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  1. So happy to see Judy Peters honoured with OAM. She has truly earned it. Lovely lady with a big heart full of love for Bundaberg and District. Enjoy the honor Judy and keep that wonderful smile on show

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