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Bowls results and news from around the region

Burnett Bowls Club
Bowls results and news from clubs around the region.

Across the Waves Ladies

RESULTS Friday 11th February:
Social Bowls –
Winners – J. & G.Mizzi
Runners-Up – R.Higgins, M.Zacher, D.Harding
Sportsmen – S.Squires & B.McKinnon
Championship Fours –
L.Robinson, G.Bauer, F.De Bono, L.Donaldson d P.Hartigan, G.Weston, L.Hillier, P.Van Huizen
Thanks for doing the umpiring duties Glenys.
Saturday 12th February:
Wide Bay Challenge sponsored by Clayton Hearing and AIM Hearing –
Div 1 defeated Burnett 4 rinks to 3

Championship Fours (to be played on or before Friday 18th February, play, sub or forfeit) –
C.De Vries, R.Higgins, K.Suzor, K.Frawley v B.Parker, J.Jones, S.Squires, G.Lock
R.Simon, M.Whitworth, L.Murphy, M.K.Mason v L.Robinson, G.Bauer, F.De Bono, L.Donaldson
Umpire: B.McMah.

NOMINATIONS for Championship Pairs close and will be drawn on 25th February.

* Annual General Meeting 4th March at 9am. Nomination forms for positions on committee are on the noticeboard. Completed forms should be handed in to Secretary Gail Bauer by 5pm on Friday 18th February.
* Get your triples team in for our Money Day to be held on 11th March.
* Committee Meeting this Friday 18th February at 9.30am.

Mixed social bowls are played every Friday under shades starting at 1pm. Put your name on the list in the clubhouse or phone 41535644 by 12.30pm.

Bowls Burnett Men


Wednesday 9th February: Scroungers – Winner: Annette Goldy Runners Up: Peter Bull, Sus Petterson

Thursday 10th February: Winners: Rob g, Brian, Gary Nicko Runners Up: Vinnie & Kemal Sportsman: Margaret & Kingsley. Pick the Joker Jackpot was not won and next week will be $160+

Friday 11th February: Winners: O Newman, R Swallow, B Pownell 1st Runners Up: A Nielsen, K Claridge 2nd Runners Up: B Mark, J Jardine Sportsman: G Ferguson, M Jeffs. Jackpot was not won and next week will be $140

Saturday 12th February: Winners: Chilli Pete, G Jackson Sportsman: L Duvey, R Williams


Competition Draws for the Championship Singles, Pairs and Fours has been completed. Please check the boards and start organizing games by mutual agreement. Please note: Round 1 of the Fours must be played on or before Sunday 27th February and Round 2 must be played on or before Sunday 23rd March. Round 1 of the Pairs must be played on or before Sunday 27th March. All games will be play, sub or forfeit.

Competition Results: 2021 Open Triples Final: Congratulations to Owen Newman, Rob Swallow (Sub) and Brian Pownell for winning the final 23-22. They were 2 behind playing the last end and scored 3 shots to secure the victory. Well played to the Runners up: Jezza Vereshaka, Josh Gott and Kyle Franks who led for 20 ends only to be pipped at the post.

2022 Open Singles: S Coleman def D Kemp 25-21

WIDE BAY CLASSIC – Round 3 Results: ATW def Burnett 4-3


Reminder: All green fees have now increased by $3.00 per game. Please try to have the correct change to help assist the selectors box.


Visitors most welcome on all playing days. Entry sheets are at the club or phone the club on 41514217. If you cannot get through on the club number regarding bowls then phone 0401341378 or 0466539441.

Tuesday 15th February: Open Pairs 1pm start, names in by 12pm, green fees paid by 12.45pm. 1 bowl Jackpot is now $40

Wednesday 16th February: “Scroungers” Singles – this is a fun game of singles similar to Consistency Single where points are allocated to the 4 closest bowls to the jack. Games are played over 12 ends with no driving allowed. Names in by 6.15pm with games starting at 6.30pm. Green fees are now $8.00 with 50 percent of the green fees being returned as prizemoney. All ability levels welcome. Come along for a fun night out.

Thursday night 17th February: 6.30pm Bowl under lights and enjoy a fun filled night with a chance at the “Pick the Joker Jackpot” which will be $160+ this week. Visitors and those who want to try bowls for the first time will be made very welcome. Names before 6.00pm, start at 6.30pm.

Friday 18th February: Open Pairs – 1.00pm start – Names before 12.00pm. Green fees paid by 12.45pm. Plus the Jackpot will be $120.

Saturday 19th February: Open Pairs 1.00pm start – Names before 12.00pm. Green fees paid by 12.45pm.


Saturday 20th February – Round 4 of the Wide Bay Classic with Burnett playing Pialba at Burnett. Good luck and good bowling to all selected players.

Tuesday 22nd February – $300 Open Triples


Club Opening hours are – Monday – Closed, Tuesday 10am – 5.30pm, Wednesday 10am – 9pm, Thursday 11am – 9pm, Friday 10am – 9.30pm, Saturdays 10am – 6pm (10pm for functions), Sunday Bowls Days 9am – 2pm.

CLUB BISTRO: The CRACKERJACK Bistro hours are as follows – Monday – Closed, Tuesday 11.30am – 2.30pm, Wednesday 11.30am – 2.30pm & then 4.30pm- 8.30pm, Thursday 11.30am – 2.30pm & 4.30pm – 8.30pm, Friday 11.30am – 2.30pm & 4.30pm – 8.30pm, Saturday 11.30am – 2.30pm & 4.30pm – 8.30pm. Sunday – Closed. Check out their Facebook page “Crackerjack Bistro” for menu details and pricing. There is a lunchtime menu and opportunities for takeaways.

The Goose Club raffle and Swannies raffle will be drawn Friday at 7.00pm with the chance to win some cash and multiple prizes.

Entertainment for Friday night 18th February will be Johnny K, so come along, bring some friends to enjoy a great meal and some live entertainment. Friday 25th February entertainment will be by Tahli Thomas.

Bargara Bowls Club

Results Monday 7th February – Turkey Pairs – Winners K. Annensen and M.
Richardson; runners up S. Jardine and F. Clarke; 2nd runners up S. Bianchi and J. Cannon. First Game Winners L and A. Adam; Second Game Winners B. Hearn and P. Sexton.

Tuesday 8th February – Ladies Championship Fours Final – T. Heath, D. Handley, F. Clarke and A. Pershouse . def K. Almond, K. Dodds,; S. Russell and M. Smith. Ladies Social Bowls – K. Shipp, S. Burgess d P. Loveday, J. Waugh; D. Nicholas, T. Chippendale d M. Schluter, M. Stauffer; M. Whitehead, C. Campbell d G. Blakeman, P. Andrew; K. Devern, T. Heath d C. Palise, K. Rodgers; C. Hunter, J. Nowell d A. Press, P. Van Huizen; T. Merritt, L. Campbell d V. Ingram, L. Burnell-Jones; W. McNamara, L. Adam d J. Novak, N. Mickle; J. Dingle, D. Hart d L. Dunn, L. Beale; H. Stewart, B. Heness d K. Gallagher, M. Alhovirta.

Thursday 10th February – Men's Pairs – Winners J. Schluter, V. Sauer; runners up D. Fielding, D. Raggatt; 2nd runners up J. Reitzenstein, P. Sexton; 3rd runners up P. Wilson, N. McNamara; 4th runners up R. Harvey, D. Jankovic. Sportsman's M. Dillon, T. Carroll; P. Pitt, A. Adam; A. Johnson, J. Beeck; R. Bonke, A. Almond; R. Heness, L. Poulsen.

Saturday 12th February – Wide Bay Challenge Round 3 – Div 1 Postponed; Div 2 Bargara def Pialba; Div 3 Hervey Bay def Bargara 4 games to 1.

Sunday 13th February – Men's Championship Fours – Round 1 R. Monk, K. Cook, R. Harvey, D. Jankovic def P. Pitt, L. Poulsen, J. Jardine, C. Gallagher; A. Adam, C. Watt, K. Bayntun, W. Barnett def J. Schluter, B.McDermott, R. Hoiberg, V Sauer; R. Tonkin, K. Hammond, B. McCarthy, G. Gallagher def P. Barker, K. Galvin, G. Hutchinson, J. Andrew; Jim See, N. Cullen, D. Mullens, John See def A. Johnson, J. Beeck, R. Bonke, H.

Coming Events: Mondays Turkey Pairs: open (Ladies, Men or Mixed) 2 games
of 11 Ends 1pm Start.

Tuesday 15th Feb Ladies Championship Pairs Round 1 9am. Start Round 2 1pm Start. ladies Social Bowls 1pm Start.

Thursdays Men's Pairs 1pm Start.

Saturday 19th Wide Bay Challenge 4th Round Div 1. Bargara v Urangan at Home; Div 2. Bargara v Woodgate Away; Div 3. Bargara v Isis Away.

Sunday 20th Men's Championship Fours Round 2. 1pm Start.

Moore Park Beach Bowls Club

Ladies Championship 4s:
H. Morton, T. Adams, P. Fox and J. Marshall def L. Lovatt, E. Horneman, B. Trudgian and K. Erickson.

G. Gunn, J. Connell d. J. Gaffney, L. Browne

S. Morton, G. Skelly d. D. Rowatt, B. Davis

D. Fox/B. Jones, A. Massey
D. Brear, A. Strowger

T. Adams, H. Morton d. R. Chandler, D. Franklin
L. Haggart/G. Hicks, T. Kemp, K. Diamond d. C. Jacobson, S. Carney, R. Greenwood
B. Greenwood, M. Beaumont d. C. Stallan, J. McKechnie
L. Pender, R. Barfield d. J. Cord, S. Cord
R. Vanderwaal, T. Zel Hine d. G. Jackson, B. Nathan
Lynden Kronk, B. O'Neil d. B. Patterson, J. Abel
B. Sechtig, B. Chandler d. P. Fox, B. Klaassen
M. Carney/L. Lovatt, G. Smith d. D. Fox/B. Jones, A. Massey
P. Figallo, J. Kemp d. D. Brear, A. Strowger

Ladies Championship 4s:
M. Carney, S. Cord, B. Klaassen, R. Chandler d. J. Marshall, P. Fox, T. Adams, H. Morton

Mens Championship 4s
G. Jackson, S. Carney, G. Gunn, S. Fryer d. Lynden Kronk, B. Harris, L. Browne, J. Connell
B. Patterson, J. Gaffney, R. Kilpatrick, R. Vanderwaal d. D. Fox, G. Hicks, A. Strowger, J. Kemp

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