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Book Review: Birds of a Feather

Title: Birds of a Feather

Author: Tricia Stringer

Publisher: HQ Fiction, Sydney, NSW

Publication date: 2021

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Reviewer: Jill Fulcher

Birds of a Feather
Birds of a Feather

This is the fourteenth book by this author and once again, she has produced a wonderful story.

The story revolves around three women, Eve in her seventies, Julia in her forties and Lucy in her twenties.

All three women have reached a point in their lives where significant decisions need to be made.

Eve’s partner in a prawning business wants to sell and begrudgingly, Eve agrees.

She then falls and injures her shoulder requiring her to hire home assistance which goes against her intensely independent nature – enter Lucy.

Lucy, her husband, Alec, and their children have moved to Wallaby Bay to be closer to his parents while he is employed as a FIFO worker.

Lucy is a qualified nurse and is looking for work that won’t impact her time with her children.

Julia is the daughter of Eve’s close friend, and she has always looked at Eve as another mother.

After losing her job, she heads to Wallaby Bay to have some time out.

The three women are entirely different but are drawn together due to the circumstances of Eve’s fall.

All three are rude and abrupt at their initial meetings, but eventually friendships emerge.

Small town gossip, FIFO partners coping as single parents and the ever-present COVID situation are explored by Stringer in this novel.

Birds of a Feather is a pleasant read detailing the challenges life throws at you and how strong female friendships can work to overcome these.

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