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Wide Bay ITV to bring Netflix-like service to Bundaberg

Wide Bay ITV
Phillip Harris is looking to start Widebay ITV in the Bundaberg Region.

A new streaming service is set to launch in the Bundaberg Region, featuring a number of locally produced television shows.

Wide Bay ITV is Bundaberg and the Wide Bay – Burnett’s new locally owned and operated free online streaming and on demand service with a local production hub.

Executive Producer at Wide Bay ITV Phillip Harris is hoping to launch the on demand service in mid-2022 and said it would cater to a range of audiences with a number of shows on offer.

“There are a number of high-quality Australian made programs which will be new to Queenslander's but they will also be met with locally produced programs from right here in Bundaberg and the Wide Bay region,” Phillip said.

“There have been 16 series and some movies committed to us from external producers with lots more on the way.”

“The service is very much like Netflix, SBS On-Demand or ABC iView as users can watch video on demand, live streams and themed programmed evenings.”

Wide Bay ITV consists of three different parts:

  1. Video on demand (VOD) like SBS on demand.
  2. Live stream of events or programs
  3. Themed programmed nights

Wide Bay ITV’s purpose built website allows all three parts to happen simultaneously.

Wide Bay ITV
The Wide Bay ITV website.

Phillip has created a short list of potential programs that will feature the region including Business Insiders, Bundy on a Plate, The Shed and The Whinge.

“The short list of proposed local programs is hopefully just the beginning of what we can make here in Bundy,” he said.

“I, as a program maker, came up with a list of shows I think the community will enjoy being a part of as it had to start somewhere and others will have their own ideas and that’s what we are looking for.

“Shows will vary in length from 20 minutes to several hours for some sporting live streams, although we will aim to try and stick to what we are used to which is 30 – 60 minute programs.”

Wide Bay ITV programs will be filmed both in studio and also the ability to film outside and on location using their broadcast van.

“We have a multi camera capable outside broadcast van being fitted out for location filming and live streaming as well as a studio which will be located on Quay street,” he said.

The team will be looking to fill a range of positions as they start work, including a number of opportunities for people to volunteer and be trained on the job.

“We are open and encourage community involvement, we want the community to get involved in making programs on all manner of subjects,” he said.

“This is the opportunity for anyone to become a maker of TV programs.

“Eventually we will have up to ten full time positions and around ten part time and we will be providing training for all our full, part time and volunteer positions.

You can find out more about the Wide Bay ITV service here.

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