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How to: conserve water in your home

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Bundaberg Regional Council’s Water Services team have a few helpful tips to help you conserve water in your home.

While there are currently no water restrictions in the Bundaberg Region, every drop counts, and being water wise not only saves water but also money.

Bundaberg Regional Council’s Water Services team have a few helpful tips to help you conserve water in your home.

Some simple ideas to conserve water at home:

  • Keep your shower to four minutes long – almost one quarter of household water is used in the shower!
  • Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth – this will save 15 litres of water a minute
  • Store drinking water in the fridge – running the tap until cold uses 15 litres a minute
  • Connect your rainwater tank to your toilet and washing machine – this saves 50,000 litres a year
  • Wait for a full load to do your washing – this saves 15,000 litres a year

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  1. 1. Rip up & replace your grass with Sir Grange (Zeon Zoysa) grass. This type of grass needs very little water & fertilizer it’s perfect for Bundaberg region.

    2. Shave your face with a small Cup of water.

    3. Update your toilet to 1 that flushes less water.

    4. Water your plants in the early morning or late evening to stop evaporation. You can also use mulch.

    5. Use a dishwasher. Don’t pre rinse your dishes just scrap the extra foodstuffs & scour the hard stuff before putting them in the dish washer. If a dishwasher is not an option still scrap & scour instead of rinsing.

    6. Only boil what you need if your making 1 cup of tea there’s no need to boil a full Kettle. Fill to 500ml times number of cups should be enough even if your someone who uses a bigger cup.

    7. Steam your vegies when cooking

    8. Have your pool checked for leaks & fixed.

    9. Install a instant water heater that only heats what you need you don’t have to wait for water to run to heat up. This also saves electricity…

    10. Eat food with high water content to cut back on how much you have to drink.

    11. If watering your lawn why not ash your car at the same time?

    12. Buy a newer washing machine that can automatically decide how much water to use for smaller loads.

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