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Childers Chitchat expands to tabloid

Childers Chitchat tabloid
Debbie Williamson-Gleich with the new tabloid sized Chit Chat in Childers.

As traditional printed news faces cuts around the country, Childers Chitchat has outgrown its publication and has now expanded to tabloid size.

Childers Chitchat’s Proprietor Debbie Williamson-Gleich said there were a number of factors which influenced the change.

She said the new Childers Chitchat tabloid had been welcomed by the community.

The larger size has allowed Debbie to spread more community news in print media, and she is proud of the 21-year history of the publication.

“We were originally an A3 sheet, then we went to A4 folded in half, then to quarter fold and now we are a tabloid publication,” she said.

“The feedback from the community is that people love it.

“There’s larger font and the 20 pages we have now is equivalent to 40 of the old, but in the old Chitchat we only printed 32 pages, so there’s definitely more.”

Childers Chitchat tabloid grows in popularity

The monthly Chitchat edition is printed in full colour and available at 27 different locations around the region.

“The last edition we had 6000 copies printed and we found it has grown in popularity,” she said.

“We also have the online version that comes out each month on the 19th.

“We have 27 drop off points around town, so people shouldn’t have to go that far to find one.”

Debbie said Chitchat was no longer delivered to homes, but for residents who struggled to collect a copy from one of the local suppliers, she would be happy to organise a special hand delivery if needed.

“For people who really want it but can’t get one, we will get in the car and deliver it to them, we already deliver to Aides Road and Apple Tree Creek,” she said.

“We are happy to do this for people in need.”

Debbie said if there was a business interested in stocking copies of Childers Chitchat, they could contact her on 0488 268 309 for more information.




  1. I find that it is easier to read then the Old Chit Chat and also the letters are lager for our old eyes.More news is now in the new Paper and you can also read on line is another bonus, People I have talked with agree it is a better paper.

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