LifestyleBrilliant bream lands Jayden Catch of the Week

Brilliant bream lands Jayden Catch of the Week

fishing bream
CATCH OF THE WEEK: Brayden Charteris with a 45cm, 1.5kg bream.


The fishing offshore has been red hot lately as long as the weather is playing the game, coral trout have been on the chew as well as an occasional red emperor not being afraid to smack a well presented bait.

Using pilchards as bait and prawn imitation plastic’s is a great way to get a few bites!

With the small tides this weekend the deep should be on too, make sure you drop some big baits down.

Fingers crossed the weather plays the game! Be sure to check the latest weather reports before heading offshore.


The Spanish mackerel have been on over the past week so be sure to troll some garfish or if anchored set some live bait out behind the boat.

Another super exciting way to catch them is working surface lures, but be prepared to do a few casts to cover ground quickly.

Halco rooster poppers have always been one of my favourite poppers to use!

There has also been some very nice grunter being caught so be sure to do some fishing on the bottom for them, drifting baits or a heavy vibe hopped along the bottom is the go.

Burnett River
Elijah Hutchison with a 42cm cod caught in the Burnett River.


The Burnett was fishing and crabbing very well over the Easter long weekend!

Plenty of cracking sized flathead and bream were caught on small paddle tail soft plastic’s or using prawns as bait.

There’s also some really solid blue salmon starting to be caught so be sure to work some vibes in the deeper holes of the river.

One hour either side of low tide has always been my favourite time to chase them.

The quality of the mud crabs caught over Easter was impressive so be sure to drop the pots in whenever you have a chance.

Burnett River prawn
Isla Schiffke with a nice prawn found in the Burnett River.


These two systems have fished, crabbed and prawned very well over the past week!

The two standout fish have been whiting and flathead, pumping yabbies at low tide and fishing the incoming tide over shallow sandbars will get you a tasty feed.

The flathead have also taken a liking to small hardbody lures trolled and cast over shallow sandbars and gravel beds.

These last few weeks have seen the crabs in good size and numbers, with the smaller tides this weekend I’d be dropping the pots in the deeper water near the drains.

Ruby Burnett  River
Ruby Home with a mud crab caught in the Burrum River


Lake Monduran is still fishing very well with plenty of Barra over the magic metre being caught every day!

Large paddle tail soft plastic’s slow wound through heavy timber and Jackal Super Squirrels retrieved with a long pause in between twitches have been getting plenty of bites.

The windblown points and bays are a great place to start looking for them.

Any sounder with side scan will help tremendously but remember to fish with confidence, you never know when that metre plus Barra will jump on your line!

Till next time, keep it real
Mitch Beyer
Tackle World Bundaberg